Why Buy CRM To Track Sales Is Most Imperative For Your Business Growth

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It is a well-accepted and known truth that once you buy CRM most winning lead generation strategy builds up the number of new and fresh leads that enter your easy to use CRM solution’s sales funnel. Nevertheless, the most pertinent question remains:

What should you do with these leads?

Now, if you have defined your sales funnel and have scored the leads using the right business growth technology and tools, then you must be aware of the different stages to guide your leads from raw leads to prospects and then to your customer.

An efficient sales process is one, where the sales managers always know of which stage a lead is on by using sales tracking software, which is a major feature of most online sales CRM software be it Salesforce or any other Salesforce Alternative CRM platforms used by startups and small businesses.

One of the major advantages of sales tracking, which is also known as ‘pipeline tracking’ is that this business growth technology helps in coming up with overall sales forecast, by quickly filtering out unwanted leads, evaluating potential deal sizes and focusing on prospective customers. Hence, sales tracking with easy to use CRM software, in other words, aids in identifying the causes for sales shortfalls and help in planning ahead for the future.

Moreover, by monitoring sales progress in a systematic manner, your sales teams are most unlikely to miss their responses to customer issues and feedbacks. Hence, sales tracking also correlates its activities with customer tracking, and helps in tracking customer satisfaction, which assists you to keep a finger on the pulse of your customers that aids you to deliver a great customer experience.

According to Gordon Tan, Director of Client Heartbeat & R&G Technologies, he quotes:

"It’s no longer good enough to just send customer surveys and get feedback. IT Companies need to monitor changes in satisfaction so they know which clients are happy and which are ‘at risk’."

Hence, it is only by ensuring proper customer tracking for satisfying your customers, you can put yourself in the best possible position to build up your customer advocates that will send you business referrals in the end.

Therefore, sales tracking tools which are mostly found integrated into online easy to use CRM software, helsp you to better serve your customers by providing the right information to your sales and customer service team that ensures prompt follow ups.
Hence sales pipeline tracking not only helps in moving your leads to the next stage of the sales pipeline but once the sale is done, it furthermore assists in increasing up-selling and cross-selling opportunities to your existing customer base.

Last but not the least, as sales tracking using Salesforce or any other Salesforce Alternative CRM solutions assists your sales managers to know which of your employees are working on which leads and help them to easily measure their staff’s performances at different levels, pipeline-tracking software could also help in boosting morale and spurring a healthy competition among your sales and support reps, when high performers are appreciated and recognized for achieving their goals. 


Therefore while Excel spreadsheets are cumbersome, and you have to set up complex formulas for calculating and finding information that you need, sales tracking software using Sales Force Automation module integrated into easy to use CRM platforms automate this process.
Finally, business growth technology solutions like a CRM helps in breaking down the key metrics that you need on your sales dashboard so that you can remain on the top of your sales operations every time, reduce customer churn and boost customer lifetime value over time.

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