Why Best Practices In Post-Purchase Experience Of the Customers Is Needed For Eliminating Churn

Why Best Practices In Post-Purchase Experience Of the Customers Is Needed For Eliminating Churn

It is a well-accepted fact that existing and repeat customers are of more value to any B2B business than the fresh and new ones, although in a recent report from BRP (Boston Retail Partners) e-commerce retailers still pay attention to acquiring the later ones.
The BRP field report also states that online businesses even misses another important opportunity, especially after the consumers make online purchases, as they enter a zone of uncertainty of remaining unsure of whether the product will arrive in one piece and on time.

Now, by providing seamless updates on the status details of the purchased order, retailers can transform this window of doubt into a trust-asserting one, and therefore by eliminating that risk, make consumers more likely to make repeat purchases.

Hence, with this in mind, the BRP report lays out a pack of eight best practices for retailers using easy to use CRM which explains and aptly illustrates why post-purchase experience is most needed for eliminating customer churn:

Provide the customers with the right expectations before the click on “Buy”
Communicate tirelessly
Set a competitive and fair return policy
Simplify the goods return process
Deliver the goods in professionally packed condition
Turn the digital experience of your customers into an omnichannel one
Use stores for something more
Gather customer feedback using easy to use CLM CRM software on a regular basis

According to the senior VP and practice lead at BRP, for setting expectations before the customer clicks on the ‘Buy’ button, retailers need to assure their prospective customers with shipping and return information that must be stated in a clear, convenient and concise manner.
Moreover, businesses must provide notifications to the customers at five key stages in the delivery process, which includes:

Order confirmation
Item dispatched
In transit
Out for delivery

Since doing so will keep the customers engaged and informed about the status of their purchases.

Moreover in order to provide transparency to the customer businesses should deliver these updates through different channels, like outbound automated calls, text, and even via Alexa.

It is also imperative that e-commerce retailers should have a return policy that is as generous as its competitors, which can fetch tremendous loyalty for the company.

For example, businesses can include preprinted, adhesive, and prepaid shipping labels with every packaging so that it can help the customers to return their goods.

Additionally, packaging also plays a big role in reflecting the style of the brand, as it not only increases brand awareness but also helps customers to create a more personal connection with the brand and so packaging should be sized appropriately and may include additional unexpected gifts in the package (like thank you cards or samples of other offerings as a way for cross-selling and boosting customer loyalty) to enhance the customer’s connection with the brand.

Next, to turn your brand's experience into an omnichannel one businesses need to encourage their customers to return their items to brick-and-mortar physical stores.
This is because according to the aforesaid BRP report, doing so creates yet one more shopping opportunity for the buyers that not only helps brands to increase its brand equality but it also helps the customers to keep the store at the top of their mind.

Providing customers with the opportunity to order online and pick up their purchases in stores is another excellent way to transform digital experiences into an omnichannel one, which also helps in boosting extra foot traffic and additional sales.

There are several brands that use our small business CRM software across the globe that are even using their brick-and-mortar stores to serve as miniature distribution points, shipping their offerings to their customers from local stores to cut down on delivery times and shipping costs rather than sending it from central warehouses.

Last but not the least reviews are most important to enhance the trustworthiness of a shopping experience, and therefore brands must use easy to submit review processes that can be provided by voice, apps, or emails.
Hence, it is advisable that brands must begin by asking for a simple star rating, after which a more complete post-purchase review can be solicited from the customers.

Businesses can also do well by offering consumer coupons for a percentage off in the next purchase as an incentive for providing the reviews that can also fetch-in more sales, reduce customer churn and thereby bring business growth to the retailers in the modern omnichannel marketplace.

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