Why Aged Leads Are Ideal For MCA (Merchant Cash Advance) Startups

In any business when you spend in buying leads, your expectations of finding more conversions also rise significantly.

However, real-time leads have a better probability of being worked by many Merchant Cash lead providers at once.

Therefore, the price simply doubles up, if you are strictly opting for getting exclusive leads for your MCA business.

This is because; it can turn out to be really frustrating dealing with real-time leads which you might obtain by investing a lot of money that ultimately offers little or no returns.

Hence as one of the best vendors of MCA CRM software for small business, if you are a startup or an SMB and is still attempting to establish and grow your alternative funding business in this highly evolving, competitive  and complex marketplace, it is advisable that you should decide on using aged MCA leads that can not only lower your buying cost but can even lessen your competition for generating new sale in the MCA space.

What Are Aged Leads?

As the term suggests aged leads are comparatively older leads than the real-time ones.

Most aged leads are considered to be 30-90 days old, although just like any other sales leads, they come from regular website visitors who filled out an online form or responded to any other sales and marketing messages related to MCA or other alternative financing services.

However, mostly, aged leads have already been traded to another MCA provider as hot real-time or exclusive and prospective live-transfer leads, and so using aged MCA leads can benefit small businesses in alternative funding business in both sales competition and costs.

In other words, aged leads are leads that have shown interest in availing financial services in the past, but nevertheless might have put off the idea to consider it at a later date, and so you can easily anticipate them to get converted in the present time (if they have not yet subscribed to any other MCA services) as there is no harm in reaching out to them considering the cost you paid to obtain their lead contact details.

Lower Cost and Higher ROI

While you may have invested in an average up to $20 for an exclusive and hot real-time lead, aged MCA leads are traded at a significantly lower rate as you can easily buy them for as low as $2 in the marketplace.

Now as a small business or an MCA startup organization you have to stay within your budget by decreasing your expenses wherever it is possible, which is the exact reason as to why it is better to purchase the lead from lead generation services that are more cost-effective rather than investing too much on only a few leads.

Hence, if you do not want to go overboard on your marketing budgets and also improve sales, it is always pragmatic to buy aged leads or businesses that once showed their interest in obtaining MCA services in the past.

Moreover, with aged leads, you can negotiate with your customers to opt your service for a lesser price for organizations and retailers that might still have their interest in getting merchant cash advance for their establishments, and with a convincing strategy easily persuade your prospective customer to buy your services which will result in higher sales.

Lower Competition

Even though real-time leads are considered golden and exclusive, we as one of the most successful vendors of Merchant Cash Advance CRM software have observed that aged leads ultimately take the win in the race.

This is because, when owners of businesses fill out online forms related to alternative financing to share their requirement for funds, they mostly get flooded with inquiries over the next few days. 

Now as most sales inquires do not last more than 7-21 days, when you pay for an aged lead, you can expect to be the only person contacting that lead during that time.

For example, it is possible that once you buy aged leads you may find prospects that may have thought about purchasing MCA services from another alternative financing provider that contacted them first, but nevertheless deferred their purchase out of frustration after receiving so many calls from a plethora of MCA providers, whereby as a latecomer you can expect this opportunity to turn worthwhile for your business.
Additionally, using aged leads you can even figure out which MCA providers had primarily contacted your prospect with their offers, and so you can offer your prospects better counter offers that can convince your prospects to switch their mind, and instead close the deal with your newly established MCA firm.

Therefore, even though there are no lead providers that can guarantee you a cent percent lead conversion rate, but once you have more contacts at your disposal at a lesser cost, you consequentially increase your chances of landing a sale, and hence with a lower budget for buying leads find a better chance of surviving in the alternative financing industry and find steady business growth

Leads that Have Not Been Contacted

Now, this may not be always the case, but there are possibilities that some of your aged lead might have never received a call.

This is because; there are many businesses that apply for MCA funding services, but do not meet the criteria of MCA providers and therefore remain untapped.

For example, businesses that were new when they applied may never have got contacted for their initial poor performances while they might have performed well enough over time to provide you with reasonable returns now.
Therefore, once you find such aged leads, give the owner a call and ask them regarding their present turnover and if you see that there is potential in their business, go ahead and present your prospect with a business plan and show them how your cash advance service can turn the tables for them and usher rapid business growth.

Closing Words

Now to contact more leads and customers, you will soon realize that your MCA business needs a sustainable process to pull it off smoothly.

This is because; dialing all the contacts in your aged lead database manually will take you days, and so you can easily integrate an auto-dialing solution into your MCA CRM software which is fortunately a lifesaver for contacting a large number of leads in the shortest span of time or even use a predictive dialer which screens out busy networks, answering machines and disconnected numbers and allow your small business to stand up alongside other Cash Advance market leaders in the MCA space.

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