What You Need To Know About Eye Exams for Contact Lenses

What You Need To Know About Eye Exams for Contact Lenses

Contact lenses have become the perfect solution for many individuals and with so many exciting options to choose from, the popularity of contact lenses in the world has grown rapidly over the years. While a lot of people tend to wear cosmetic contact lenses to make a fashion statement, there’s a considerable amount of others that use contact lenses to correct vision problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness and it can be even useful if you suffer from presbyopia or require bifocals, but in order to get prescription contact lenses you will need to undergo an eye exam which includes special tests that are typically not involved in a routine eye exam!

Being Fitted For Contact Lenses

Purchasing contact lenses are not as simple as purchasing prescription sunglasses for that matter and does involve a more detailed eye exam, so the first step should be to schedule your appointment for a contact lens fitting at a reputed optometrist or ophthalmologist and aim to allocate extra time as the additional tests conducted for a proper contact lens fitting or contact lens prescription update will take longer than a regular eye exam. 

It would be convenient and economical to plan ahead and combine your general eye exam and the more specific eye tests for contact lenses with the same eye care professional, instead of going to a separate person as there may be duplicate testing carried out by the doctors if they don’t have access to the test results that the previous eye care professional conducted.

What Can You Expect During An Eye Exam For Contact Lens Fittings?

A combined eye exam for general eye health and contact lens fitting or prescription update is comprehensive and will always start off with the basics! First of all, your visual acuity will be tested with a basic eye chart, after which other tests will be carried out to determine how your overall eye health is and whether prescriptions lenses are required or in the case that you’ve already been wearing prescription eyewear, if an updated prescription is required to correct refractive errors.

Once this has been dealt with, your eye care professional will move onto the next stage which focuses more on the type of contact lenses you require. For starters, you will be asked about your lifestyle (hobbies, activities, etc) and your preferences - what color contact lenses do you prefer, would you prefer disposable contact lenses or overnight ones, etc (the more popular choice is disposable contact lenses in Sri Lanka). This is a great time to discuss any concerns or questions you may have, so don’t hold back!

After this stage, comes measurements to ensure your contact lenses fit you perfectly since unlike purchasing sunglasses, contact lenses require the perfect fit for maximum effectiveness and comfort! While this stage may take a little longer than the others, it essentially just involves your eye care professional taking measurements to determine the diameter, curvature, and health of your eyes!

The final stage is that once you’ve been fitted with contact lenses, your vision will be checked once more to ensure that it has in fact improved. Your eye care professional will finally wrap things up by talking you through proper care of your contact lenses and most importantly how to safely put them in and take them out - be prepared to have to do this before you leave as most eye doctors want to be sure that you’ll be able to do it alone safely, without damaging your eyes.

While you may have noticed that there are some similarities between eyes exams for contact lenses and those carried out for other eyewear, there are still many differences, so we hope this helps you prepare for the fitting of your contact lenses to avoid any confusion or mishaps!

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