What You Need To Know About Eye Exam

What You Need To Know About Eye Exam

No matter how young or old you are, scheduling regular eye exams with one of the many reputable opticians in your town is crucial for maintaining good vision and addressing any symptoms of eye diseases or even other health risks such as diabetes and cholesterol where early intervention is important. Here’s a look at everything you need to know about eye exams (in a nutshell) to ensure it’s a comfortable and uncomplicated experience for you!

How Long Does a Comprehensive Eye Vision Test Take?

This really depends on the practitioner conducting the test and is another reason why it’s important to always go to a reputable optician in your city who will carry out an in-depth eye exam, as well as the complexity of the tests required for a full evaluation of your eye health. However, generally speaking, an eye vision test should take anywhere between 1-2 hours.

What Tests Are Included in an Eye Exam?

Eye care professionals use a full spectrum of tests and procedures during a comprehensive eye vision test. The tests usually range from basic ones such as having you read an eye chart to more complex tests using advanced technology to check ocular mobility and visualize inner workings of your eye. Keep reading for more information on some of the more common tests and procedures that are conducted.

Visual Acuity Test

Usually one of the first tests conducted in a comprehensive eye exam in the visual acuity test which is conducted by using a projected eye chart to measure distance visual acuity, followed by a hand-held, small chart which is used to measure for nearsightedness.

Colour Blindness Visual Test

As the name suggests, this test is simply to check your color vision and to detect any color vision deficiencies which can be hereditary and screen you for any other eye health problems which could affect your color vision.

Eye Movement Testing (Ocular Mobility)

Most eye vision tests will conduct an ocular mobility test to check your eyes for how well it can follow a moving object, as well as how quickly and smoothly it can move between two separate areas of focus - this is important to test as problems with eye movement can result in eye strain, which affects your reading ability, sports vision, and other important skills.


Quite a straightforward element of your eye vision test, a retinoscopy is conducted in dim lighting to get an approximation of your eyewear prescription.

While you focus on an object that your eye doctor will ask you to look at in the distance, your eye doctor will shine a light in your eye and flip through lenses to estimate which lens power will be a good fit to correct your distance vision - especially in the case of children or patients who are unable to answers questions accurately.


Refraction is essentially the same as the retinoscopy other than it tests your eyes using an instrument called a phoropter for hyperopia (farsightedness), myopia (nearsightedness), astigmatism and presbyopia.

Your eye doctor will take you through a number of lens choices while asking your questions on which one gives you a clearer image. They will continue fine-tuning the lens power until the final eyeglass prescription is reached to correct your vision.

The Glaucoma Test

This non-contact eye test is a regular feature in any eye vision test as it screens you for early signs of glaucoma and generally involves a small, burst of air coming at your eye while you rest your chin on the machine’s chin rest - a completely safe and painless procedure when conducted by one of the many reputable opticians in your town.

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