What To Look For When Purchasing Window Blinds

What To Look For When Purchasing Window Blinds

Window furnishings are a great way to upgrade the look of a room without having to spend a large amount on renovations and furniture upgrades. By opting for new blinds or awnings if it’s an outdoor space, you can transform any space quickly and affordably without having to undergo the hassle of renovating, but how do you know what points to take into consideration when browsing to ensure you find the right window blinds for you? It really is simple, and not as complicated as you expect - keep reading to discover the answer and to find out how to find the best roller blinds for your unique space!

Blinds that suit the room

Before you even start browsing for roller blinds, you’ll want to first figure out what the vibe of the room that you’re hoping to put the blinds in is. Is your existing decor more contemporary or classic in terms of the interior design? Is the room located at the front of the house or at the back? These are all important questions to consider as they will help you build a clear image of the style of blinds you need.


Before you get started browsing for blinds in trends, allocate a budget for your window furnishing upgrade! If you’re not sure how to decide on a budget, you may want to do some research and check with several vendors and on local community pages, etc. to have a rough idea of what it should be. Once you’ve set out a rough budget, you’ll then be able to make an accurate decision once you start shopping for roller blinds!

Free design consultation & installation

When you’re shopping for the day and night blinds in the market or any other window furnishings, make sure to ask the vendor if they provide free design consultation and installation. While you may think that doing this yourself will be relatively easy, installation is no easy task and can often result in a lot of frustration so always try to go with a vendor who takes care of the installation. Design consultations are a great add-on if provided by the vendor as they will then visit the location and help you choose the best type of blinds for your unique requirement.

Most Popular Types of Blinds

There are so many different types available, but the most popular searches are for roller blinds and day and night blinds in the shops! Don’t know too much about these blinds? We’ll break it down for you -

  • Roller Blinds - Roller blinds are classics that nobody gets sick of! Perfect for those traditional living room vibes, roller blinds can be easily moved up and down with either a manual cord mechanism or via remote control if you opt for the motorized option. They can be easily customized to suit your unique space by choosing a fabric that matches your existing color palette perfectly.
  • Day and Night Roller Blinds - Day and night roller blinds have grown in popularity for the convenience they offer since they combine the best of both worlds. Similar to regular roller blinds this double layer of fabrics alternate between transparent and solid panels. These panels can be adjusted manually with a cord or using a motorized mechanism to ensure to allow light in during the day time and then to solid panels when you want privacy at night! Most vendors of roller blinds offer a wide variety of fabrics and design styles for day and night roller blinds too so that you have the perfect for window furnishings to suit your unique living room design.

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