What To Do If A Tooth Gets Knocked Out


Accidents happen every day, and being prepared for the times when an accident happens to you or someone around you can be the difference between life or death, and also between permanent injury or potential disfigurement.  In the case of emergency dentistry, losing a tooth or teeth to an accident is many times an exercise in being prepared, and knowing what to do in an emergency situation.  Unfortunately there are accidents every day where people trip and fall, are involved in car accidents or are attacked in altercations.  These incidents will many times result in teeth being knocked out, and the deciding factor as far as potentially saving these teeth or needing prosthetic teeth in the future can come down to a little bit of knowledge and some quick thinking.

First and foremost, an accurate assessment of the situation is critical to making the right decision that will save time.  The more time that goes by after a tooth is knocked out, the less chance there is of a dentist being able to successfully re-implant it, and this means that quick decisions are going to have to be made.  The most important thing to consider is blood loss.  If you are bleeding profusely it is always more prudent to go immediately to an emergency room where they can deal with blood loss.  Your life is far more important than your teeth, and your dentist s not equipped to deal with the life and death situation of blood loss like an emergency room is.  If there is a significant amount of bleeding, do not hesitate and head to the emergency room in all cases.

If there is not a significant amount of bleeding, and there are no major cuts to the inside of your mouth that need to be dealt with, then you should head to a dentist that can handle emergencies as soon as possible.  During your next dental appointment, ask your local dentist if they can handle emergency cases, and what their business hours are.  Keep this information on your person at all times, along with their phone number and address.  If you have been injured during their business hours, contact them by phone immediately to make sure they can take you as soon as possible.  If they can take your case immediately, it is important to preserve the teeth or tooth as best as possible for transport.  This means placing the tooth into a container and submerging it in a non-acidic liquid like milk or water.  If no liquid is available, saliva from yourself or others can help.  If you cannot get access to any of these things, place the tooth in your mouth and keep it there until the dentist can access it.  They will assess if the damage is too great to save the tooth or if it can be re-implanted successfully.

Time is always of the essence when making decisions that will impact a successful re-implant of teeth.  If you make the wrong decision and go to the emergency room instead of the dentist, there is probably no chance of saving the teeth.  If you choose to go to the dentist when you are bleeding too much, there is a good chance that the dentist will immediately send you to an emergency room.  This is why it is so crucial to know which situation is correct in each case, and how to prepare the teeth that have been lost if you can.

Not all knocked out teeth are going to be able to be saved, as a matter of fact few are able to be.  However you can hedge your bets in your favor with just a little bit of knowledge in advance.

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