What are the Different Types of Commercial Flooring Options?

Commercial Flooring

Commercial flooring is the type of flooring that covers commercial spaces, needs to be durable and hard-wearing – given that commercial spaces inevitably have more visitors and possibly even vehicular traffic. The requirements may also vary based on the kind of environment. For instance, retail spaces require anti-slip floors while wet spaces that should be hard and durable, enable to withstand the pressure of human crowds. There are many types of flooring products to be found on the market for commercial spaces – which include the following:

Commercial flooring

Laminate Wood Flooring

This is a famous option and is easy to set up and maintain – particularly in comparison to hardwood type of floors. These are very durable and hygienic. You can find these in buildings that are LEED certified. These are also less costly than flooring composed of other materials such as hardwood. Laminate wood commercial flooring is made of composite wood and has an overlaying image of hardwood. However, it is not quite convenient to repair this type of flooring.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Most popular in the commercial areas, for the looks and durability of the floorings The engineered wood is less expensive than the natural hardwood and can provide the same appearance of the wood. It has fewer choices in terms of styles and colors, although very easy to set up and long-lasting in form. It can be found more commonly in more high-end offices. As it uses less wood as compared to regular solid wood flooring, this is a more eco-friendly option for commercial flooring.

Solid Wood Flooring

It is not a common commercial flooring option, other than in converted places. But that does not make it a perfect option for a few commercial spaces. The installation process is lengthier for solid wood flooring. The installation process for traditional wood flooring can take some time, especially in those spots where there is plenty of moisture – such as bathrooms or entrances. It is also tougher to set up solid wood flooring, which can be costly. Such factors need to be weighed when you consider it as one of the best choices for your commercial flooring projects.

Vinyl Composite Tile

It is used commonly as flooring for commercial spaces, due to the durability of vinyl planks. It can also be replaced easily, which lets damaged tiles be replaced easily and quickly. However, there is a con with this type of flooring – the glue can get loosened and the tiles around the corners can be lifted anytime. The surface ultimately wears down and leads to deterioration of color and cleaning problems. The ease of setup and affordability of costs makes it perfect for businesses.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

This is a more luxurious looking vinyl tile, which resembles the appearance of natural materials like marble or wood. This is actually hard surface flooring that makes use of 100% vinyl in comparison to VCT. This type of commercial flooring option has a transparent top layer that helps retain the tile print. As compared to Vinyl Composite Tile, it is more affordable to maintain. As it has a protective layer, there is no need to strip away or reapply a sealant. This makes this type of flooring a fantastic option for commercial floors.

Modular Carpet Tiles

These have vinyl backing, which makes them tougher to take out. The adhesive that is used here makes the tiles stay for longer in place, which makes them better for commercial space flooring than broadloom carpet. There are many more options with this kind of flooring. As these are tiles, these can be set up more easily. It is easier to tell whether the carpet tiles were improperly set up.

Commercial flooring

While choosing floors for commercial use the price, durability, and appearance all should be kept in mind. So, according to the requirement of design and the function of the commercial space the installation of the commercial flooring should be done by the professionals

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