What’s The Value Of An AWS Certification?

AWS Certification training

By getting an AWS certification, you can easily validate your skills and expertise in the field of IT and make substantial contributions to the performance and growth of your organization. Having its certification under your belt, chances are that you can earn a far better income as compared to non-holders of it in the job market. It gives you an edge over other IT professionals in numerous ways.

Getting Going With An AWS Certification

AWS certification training is a series of role-based courses. They are primarily planned for system administrators, IT solutions architects, and system developers. For every skill-set and position, you can find certifications of associate and professional levels, catering to the needs of a wide range of IT personnel. Though not mandatory, it is advisable to acquire training before taking the exam. 

For Solutions Architects (Associate Level)

For Solutions Architects is an associate level certification. It validates the fact that you, as a qualified IT professional, have received hands-on training to use AWS and construct cost-effective, error-resistant and accessible systems. It can also guarantee that you have the expertise to determine and prescribe the requisites for any application of AWS.

As an AWS Solution architect, you can be considered capable of adopting sound and reliable procedures to create stable and dependable applications on it. With this certification, you can display that you can efficiently operate and run application infrastructure.

For Solutions Architects (Professional Level)

It is also available as a professional level certification. This certification authenticates your IT skills and expertise in constructing applications along with systems on it. It proves that you have practical experience in system designing.

For Developers

The Certification for Developers is an associate level certification. It verifies that you possess the technical skill required to prepare and operate applications using this. This examination assesses your understanding of certain fundamentals. Firstly, it checks if you, as a developer, can choose the appropriate services suitable for an application. Also, it tests your usage of SDKs to interrelate with various services of it in an application.

This certification also tests your ability to enhance the functioning of services utilized by your application, through writing code. It also assesses your management of application security through services such as IAM. IAM is one of the services provided by it that gives control of access capabilities for users of AWS.            

For SysOps Administrator (Associate Level)

AWS Certification for SysOps Administrators is an associate level certification. By obtaining this certification, you can easily verify your practice and understanding of running and managing systems through the platform, globally. With this certification, you can establish your capability to recognize, categorize and draw up a list of requirements to formulate solutions to be run. This certification also confirms your aptitude for imparting supervision regarding AWS operations and suggest sound measures to be taken until the finalization of any project of your organization.

For DevOps Engineer (Professional Level-Beta)

The Certification for DevOps Engineer is a professional level certification. This course authenticates your professional skills and experience in running and handling application systems through the AWS. As this certification is established and owned by Amazon.com, who are also monitoring the certification and exams, your qualification will be the latest and current in the IT industry and globally acknowledged and approved.

By collaborating with its exam associates, Amazon.com constantly strives to uphold, preserve and regulate the value and standard of the AWS certifications and exams world over. Such rigorous and strict standardization makes sure that the candidates’ professional talents and expertise are up to the mark. This makes it easier for organizations to carry out the process of recruitment with confidence, without any apprehensions regarding a candidate’s geographical identity and its’ training location.

The worth of any certification is decided by evaluating its spread as well as its positive impact on your pay scale, increments, salary package, and career advancements. By these standards, you will find your certification of immense value. This is so because upon receiving the AWS certification, you are qualified and competent to apply for a job and get hired anywhere across the globe, irrespective of your nationality and location of training. Moreover, the certification results in a substantial pay raise. These are the reasons why you, as an ambitious IT professional, should opt for training.

Various companies that are part of the APN seek potential candidates to hire having the Associate or Professional Certifications to add to the credibility of their organization. Since these qualifications are not very common, large organizations find it quite challenging conducting any hiring. That is one of the reasons why people with AWS certification training have great market value and have the edge over IT personnel without certifications.

Financial Advantages:

IT personnel with AWS certifications definitely enjoy excessive financial advantages. Numerous organizations compete against each other to hire staff with sound knowledge of cloud computing. This enables organizations to operate more efficiently reducing chances of loss due to human errors. 

Final Word

If you obtain an AWS certification, you can easily authenticate your IT skills globally and contribute meaningfully to your organization. As there is a dearth of certified architects and engineers in the job market today, you can end up getting paid far more than other employees in an organization by getting the certification. Organizations usually contest against each other and strive to appoint qualified staff. By being part of a progressive organization, you can put your training to use and be of great benefit to your organization by providing speedy performance, more secure systems, and extended aptitude.  Having certification training in your credentials, you could secure one of the top positions in your organization and sound career. 

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