Ways To Bring Personalization To The Customer Journey With Your Brand

Ways To Bring Personalization To The Customer Journey With Your Brand

These days personalization is a critical tool to boost customer loyalty and also improve the overall customer experience (CX) with your brand.
While personalization is an attribute that is particularly needed for eCommerce and retail businesses, the growing importance of personalization should never be ignored even by any other customer-facing business organizations in the present marketplace.

Now, as we enter 2020 basic personalization is not enough.

This is because customers nowadays do not just want brands and businesses to call them by their first name or send the anniversary and birthday notes.
Rather modern customers as we enter this new decade not only desire but they expect that their previous interactions with brands to inform them of any marketing promotional offers and communications regarding such marketing activities that they receive in the future.

Hence the value of personalization is undeniable nowadays as a research done by Idomoo (a Personalized Video as a Service offering organization) it has been found that 88 percent of marketers reported measurable boost as a result of personalization, but in reality, taking it on can be daunting.

Therefore, below we have included certain tried tips as to how you can bring personalization into the customer journey with your brand at any touch-points:

Collect Customer Data

From their very primary interaction with your brand, you must try to obtain as much information as it is possible from your prospective customers.
Right from the personal information of your customers to information about their demographics, when any customer signs up to receive emails from your business, you can easily ask them a wide variety of questions so that it can help you to learn all the pertinent information and data you may need to provide them with a personalized experience with your brand.
Hence, it is extremely important that you must understand the specific values and needs of your prospective customers that can help in catering relevant content to them based on the answers they provide to your company.

If needed you can even encourage more sign-ups by offering promotions, however, do not make the sign-up forms too long as that will dissuade the customers from finishing the form if they are in a hurry.

Use Past Experiences

Think of every interaction that your customer has with your brand as a new opportunity to provide more personalization to their customer journey with your business.
Hence, if you are using an easy to use CRM use this intuitive business growth technology to find patterns in the past experience of your customers with your business to educate yourself and learn what they want from your company.

This is because doing this exercise will not only help you offer offers to your customers based on what they looked at or purchased before, but you can even remind your customers if they have left something on their online shopping cart or send them a recommendation based on purchases of other similar customers.

Therefore, once you buy CRM for your business growth you can slice and dice the data stored in the CRM database look at the past purchases of your customers and thereby try to up-sell your brand’s other products and services.

Integrate Your Customer Service

It is a well-acknowledged fact that you can make your businesses’ customer service processes much more effective if you introduce personalization to your contact center providing support to the consumers of your offerings.

This is because when customers are called upon to recount their contact details or past purchases there often remains a lot of room for errors.
This can happen if the customer service reps mishear them or customers take ages to find the requested details if they are not in their hands.

Hence it is important that your contact center reps should have the customer information and data on their customer’s past purchases as soon as they begin an interaction with a customer, which can be easily done if your business uses a CRM like Salesforce or even any Salesforce Alternative CRM used mostly by small and medium businesses and startups for consolidation and distribution of data from a centralized platform.

Moreover, integrating your customer care center with a CRM in place allows for a complete understanding of the elements that are necessary for driving change in customer experience (CX), which in turn makes the experience much smoother and effortless for both the customers and your support employees.

Finally- Ask

Surveying the existing customer’s data that you have in your easy to use CRM can not only provide you with a lot of insights into where you need to improve upon in your business, but it can even let you gain really important information about the expectations of your customers.

For example, if you are already asking your customers for feedback on their experiences with your brand at regular intervals of time, it might be a prudent exercise to include a question in your survey as to what stage of the customer journey they would like added personalization or how much they value their existing personalized experiences from your company.

For this, you can allow your customers to express their desires and needs in the open-ended comments section where you can learn a lot about how your customers feel for your brand.

Remember as a final thought, that your customers are the true CX experts for your business, and so do not discount the value in gaining their opinions and feedbacks after they purchase your offerings or receive your services.

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