Valentine's Day Jewellery for the Special Woman in Your Life

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For those in a relationship, Valentine’s Day is one of the most important days of the year. Along with birthdays and Christmas, it’s also a day in which lovers spend countless amounts of money on each other, in the form of gifts and extravagant outings. Valentine’s Day is, of course, a popular day in which many lovers choose to present an engagement ring to that special someone, but even if you’re not buying an engagement ring, buying the right jewellery gift of any sort can still be a challenging experience.

Buying jewellery for your loved one

For those who have zero experience in purchasing jewellery gifts for the special woman in their life, the prospect can appear slightly intimidating at first. What if you buy something for her that she isn’t completely thrilled with? It could prove to be a costly blunder. How can you be certain of buying a jewellery gift for her that she’ll love and cherish? This handy little guide will show you how to surprise her with a truly magical jewellery piece that she is guaranteed to enjoy.

Do some research

Buying the ideal jewellery gift requires research. You cannot hope to buy the perfect jewellery piece if you don’t know what she truly values. A great way to begin is to observe the style of jewellery that she currently wears. See if you can identify a piece that would complement her existing collection; perhaps she has a beautiful set of gold earrings but doesn’t have a gold pendant to go with them. Such a gift could prove to be a fabulous purchase.

Her style

Beyond her preferences for jewellery, take a look at her clothing style. If she has a penchant for wearing dresses that are distinctly dark and sombre, then it would be inappropriate to buy a light and delicate jewellery gift that would be more suited to a princess from a classic fairy tale. Instead, choose something that reflects her inclination towards more mysterious and melancholic objects.

Her personal nature

The very nature of the special lady in your life can act as a guide on choosing the ideal jewellery piece for her. If she’s the kind of person who thrives on being at the heart of every conversation, then she will almost certainly like an extravagant jewellery item that draws people’s eyes towards her. If she’s someone who is more introverted and reserved, then a subtle piece may be ideal.


Buying a versatile jewellery piece that offers a number of different ways to wear it, is always going to be a positive thing. If for instance, you decide on something that is uniquely stunning but which only looks good when it’s worn with a particular coloured outfit, then it limits the practicality of the jewellery. The solution to this is to buy jewellery that can be readily modified, such as an adjustable necklace. This will enable her to wear it with more than one dress style.

Size matters

If you’re buying a ring for your loved one, it’s essential that you choose the correct size. If you can get your hands on a ring from her existing collection, there are many online apps available that allow you to quickly and easily determine the size of the ring that you’ll need to buy. If the chance to measure an existing ring never arises, ask one of her friends to find out the size for you. Even if you’re not buying a ring, size still matters. If she possesses a svelte and slender physique for example, then it’s important that you don’t buy a large and cumbersome jewellery piece.

Seek professional advice

If you still need help deciding on the ultimate Valentine’s Day jewellery piece for the lady in your life, seek the assistance of a reputable jewellery store.

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