A Useful Guide To Pest Inspection And Control

pest inspection

A clean and hygienic house is what everyone thinks about, but pest infestation is a problem that persists in every household. Termites are tiny creatures which are generally found to infest the homes and buildings and often create major concerns for the homeowners. They usually feed on the timber structures like telephone poles, trees, homes, buildings and anything and everything that is made up of wood.

Did you know that just as the human race and society, there are colonies of termites which has multiple social classes, each of which has a special task to perform? These particular social classes amongst termites rely on each other for creating an entire colony in order to survive. The various classes also include the royal family (king & queen), the workers, soldiers, and the winged reproductive termites.

Soldier Termites

This is an obvious fact that the homeowners if suspecting termite attack in their home, then they should look out for the soldiers in the first place. The soldier termites are usually found in large numbers and they are the first ones to be visible to the homeowner. The only purpose of the soldiers is to protect the colonies of termites from the intruders.

Queen Termite And Her Workers

The queen termite usually possesses the responsibility of helping the termite colony to grow. She is capable of typically laying approximately 2000 eggs each day and have a life of 25 years. So, you can imagine the huge role of the queen termite in enhancing the termite population. When pest control is opted for, this is majorly aimed at eliminating the queen and her colonies.

Well, with their huge growth number, you can decipher that they can be harmful. They not only cause damage to health, but their outrageous growth may result in making the place unhygienic. The growth of such pests can leave a musty smell in the house, thus making it difficult for those who have breathing problem to suffer.

pest inspection

Regular cleaning of house and use of pest spray can be beneficial, but sometimes these home remedies are sometimes are not sufficient. In certain cases, you would need the assistance of professional services which can ensure complete swipe of these pests out of the house. 

The Significance Of Pest Inspection And Control

As because the queen has the ability to lay millions of eggs during her long life of 25 years, the homeowners who are suspecting ant nature of termite problem should ideally make sure to prevent the queen from reproducing further. Termites have the potential of causing more damage to the homes than storms and thus the homeowners should be very careful. So, this is best to consult an experienced pest controller who can conduct a thorough pest inspection and apply appropriate measures of pest control after determining the damage that has already been done.

Choosing the right pest inspection services becomes imperative here, these are professional people who know how to get rid of pests completely. They have access to certain chemicals which we cannot get otherwise. In fact, many a time we are not able to understand the cause of pest growth, in such cases, hiring the services of a professional pest inspection company will always be helpful.

These companies will not only help in nipping the problem in the budding stage but at the same time, they also help you with certain tips that will help you control the growth pest in the future.

While hiring their services, you must also talk to them about the longevity and effectiveness of the pest control methods which they will be adopting.

If the homeowners become proactive and act quickly, they would considerably increase their chances of avoiding any major damage to their property and also potentially prevent the overall damage to their home.


This is an unfortunate fact that the homeowners usually delay in determining the problem through pest inspection and by that time significant damage is already caused. So, timely pest inspection and control is very necessary to prevent your property from termite damage.

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