The Ultimate Swimming Pool Builder Vetting Checklist

The Ultimate Swimming Pool Builder Vetting Checklist

Choosing an in-ground pool comes with a lot of things to consider. How do you choose a pool builder that’s reputable? This is an important question because it determines how your final project will turn out. To help you out in the process of finding a pool builder, here is a vetting checklist to help you along with your search.


You want to make sure the company you are interested in is experienced and licensed. How many years has the company been in business? While you shouldn’t completely write off a company that’s been in business for less than three years, consider a company that has been in business for longer. You can always ask for previous work samples and projects to see how they compare.


Ask how many pools the company has done in the past. Consider asking how many were installed within the last year. This gives a good idea as to how active they are. Ask for references of previous projects they have done and ask to see pictures if possible. This gives you an idea on how well they do. Keep in mind that if the company won’t offer more than half of their previous customers as references this can beg a red flag. This means that less than 50% of their customers were happy.

When you start calling for references ask if they could use the same pool builder again would they? Also, consider asking what they enjoyed most and what they enjoyed the least. Were challenges and obstacles dealt with accordingly?

Ratings and Reviews

Be sure to check out the company’s ratings and reviews online and on their website. If a company has worse than good reviews this can be a red flag and a sign you should consider going elsewhere. If there are negative reviews or ratings, how did the company respond if at all?

Products Used

Do the products that the pool builder used have good reviews in the community and in the marketplace? Consider doing some research on products the company states they use. Are the products used covered under any type of warranty in case something happens?

Warranty for Workmanship

This type of warranty can cover things such as the pool moving after being installed, leaks with plumbing and even structural issues that may come up with the patio. Consider asking what the duration is of the workmanship warranty. What does the warranty specifically cover and what happens in the case you need to make a repair?

Project Design and Planning

Before the pool builder company starts the project, they will present you with a plan and layout of what they plan on doing. It should show where the location of the pool will be, the dimensions, elevation, location of the filter system and pump, if retaining walls are applicable or a fence, and if there is any yard and deck draining needed.

Pricing and the Contract

When a contract is drawn up, the price is typically worked into it. If nothing else there is a formal quote given before any services and projects are started. Make sure you avoid contracts that state the pricing for retaining wall, patio and any fence work are priced based on square footage after the project has started. This can be something some companies will do to get more money out of you. Make sure the completion date is on the contract as is any throw-ins.

Things That Aren’t Important

The sized of the company generally doesn’t matter. Pool builders can come in all sizes. While you want a company that has a brochure and competitive marketing strategies, these aren’t as important as the quality of the work they do. As long as you’re happy with the work and the project that’s all that matters. 

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