Types Of Auto Glass Cracks That Need Glass Repair Expert

Types Of Auto Glass Cracks That Need Glass Repair Expert

Whether it's the windshield or the rear-view mirror, or the windows, the glass of your car is instrumental. They not only enhance the visual appeal of the car but at the same time, also play an important role in keeping the ecosystem inside the car at the right temperature and free from dust. Can you even imagine driving a car with a broken windshield or window, even one that’s just cracked? It’s not only risky but is also a crime.

Car manufacturers make use of the best quality glass, but glass is fragile and prone to damage. If such a situation arises, you must take your vehicle to a professional auto glass repair shop. They have trained and qualified professionals who can provide the best service. But before that, you must know the common types of glass cracks and easy ways for glass repair. 

Types of Car Glass Cracks

1. Minor Chips

This is a small crack that is up to 40mm or smaller in size. These are easily repairable. A professional and qualified technician can easily fix this. These can be categorized into the following types based on the size and shape of the crack. 

  • Bull's Eye Crack- This type of crack usually develops on the windshield. It usually results when a small pointed object hits the windshield. It is usually circular with cracks emanating from it in all directions.
  • Star Crack- This is also seen on the windshield. If the momentum of the hitting object is high, then it can result in the falling of a chip of glass. It causes a star-shaped cavity to develop on the glass. Since a cavity is generated, it is recommended to get this repaired at the earliest to avoid accidents.
  • Half-Moon Crack- This one is the same as the bull's eye crack. The only difference is the shape of the crack, which in this case is semi-circular in shape.
  • Edge Crack- This crack usually develops close to the windshield edges. If you ignore it, then the cracks expand, and this can be hazardous. Hence, you must not ignore the cracks on the windshield and seek the assistance of a professional auto glass repair service provider. 
  • Combination break- This crack usually develops when a pebble or small stone falls on the windshield at a higher speed. It’s a combination of star and bull's eye crack, thus the name ‘Combination break’.

2. Large Cracks

You may encounter a situation when the cracks are larger, which can be hazardous. Such cracks usually develop when the object hits the glass at high speed. It can result in cracks that are more than 14-inches wide. In this case, you must not delay your visit to the auto glass repair service provider. Such cracks generally demand glass replacement altogether, and only a professional contractor can help you in this case. 

3. Internal Cracks

While the external cracks result from a stone hitting the window or the windshield. The temperature variation within the car may also result in damage to the glass. These internal cracks are also known as stress cracks. 

Rapid change of temperature is the key reason for the development of crack. If you notice even a small crack, you must not ignore it and call up technicians for assistance and repair.  

4. Non-Repairable (or major) Chips

These are different from the above-mentioned cracks. The size of this crack is more than 40mm in diameter. Repair is not an option here and you need to go for glass replacement altogether.

Wrapping It Up!!!

The crux of the matter is that if you notice any damage to your car's glass, irrespective of the size, ignoring it can prove troublesome and will engender the lives of the occupants. It is recommended that you seek the assistance of a professional. They will inspect the glass damage, and based on the intensity, recommend repair or replacement of the glass. Make sure that you choose an authorized and qualified glass repair service provider for quality work.

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