Truck Access Platforms – Safety Equipment That Cannot Be Overlooked

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Enabling workers to safely get on and get off a large, commercial truck or similar vehicle is essential to preventing unnecessary injuries. While everyone would be quick to acknowledge the importance of implementing such equipment, very few would understand the components that are required to make truck access platforms safe and dependable.

This article explains the significance of truck access platforms and the vital role they play in ensuring a safer work environment.

Staff Safety

Regardless of industry, there is no greater concern than personnel safety. All business owners have a legal obligation to ensure that their workers are supplied with appropriate equipment and are suitably trained to help guarantee a workplace that offers the highest levels of safety.

Every year, there are countless reports filed with Health and Safety authorities around the world, citing serious injuries that have occurred as the result of falls from commercial trucks. Most of these filings identify fractured limbs and this results in substantial monetary loss for the injured worker and his or her employer.

Laws Involved

There are number of basic laws that must be adhered to when operating in an elevated work environment. Such laws define an elevated work environment as one whereby a fall to the ground would result in a severe or fatal injury. This includes situations where workers are required to climb on and off a commercial truck. To the untrained eye, accessing the back of even a large commercial vehicle would not seem to be particularly hazardous to one’s wellbeing, however a significant portion of the worker reports filed concern falls that occurred around shoulder height, in the loading zone.

Depending on your geographic location, there is likely to be a set of official Health and Safety guidelines in place to help safeguard workers against needless injuries, such as falls from commercial vehicles. While the guidelines will feature common sense advice, such as accessing and exiting the vehicles loading bay at a cautious speed and getting down carefully off the truck, rather than recklessly jumping to the ground, they will also highlight the importance of using industry equipment, such as truck access platforms and handrails.

In more and more countries around the world, the usage of industrial safety equipment is becoming compulsory, rather than an optional extra.

Features that all high quality Truck Access Platforms should have

  • Different working deck materials - this commonly includes checker plate or grid mesh. Checker plate is best for indoor purposes or where a confined floor is required. Grid mesh on the other hand, is ideal for construction sites or where there is likely to be an accumulation of excess dirt or water. In such cases, grid mesh helps to provide superior grip
  • Choice of access type – a high quality truck access platform will allow you to choose from either step tread or stair access. For platforms with steps, they should be properly spaced to provide maximum comfort and stability and allow users to easily board or dismount the truck bed

  • Customisable platform width – manufacturing companies will always have standard sizes, but all truck access platforms should be made to order

  • Customisable platform length – not only should the length be customisable, but look to buy from a manufacturer who provides the option of allowing you to divide the length into smaller sections, giving the access platform a greater degree of portability

  • Optional Extras – this can include such things as non-slip surfaces, HiVis nosing, fork lift sleeves and more

  • Modularity – some platforms are modular in design, greatly increasing their versatility. For example, a client may want the ability to remove the inner guardrails so that the truck access platform can be joined to another access platform of the same size, creating a single, larger platform

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