The Top Ten Best-Selling Eyewear Brands

The Top Ten Best-Selling Eyewear Brands

When placing an order for sunglasses online, you may want to go for the latest trends and best brands. While it is vital that you choose a design that covers an adequate area of your face and uses polarized lenses, it is also important to choose a brand known for its durable and sturdy products. These best-selling eyewear brands have made a name for themselves over the years and are definitely worth checking out.

Ace & Tate

If you are looking for stylish prescription glasses and women’s sunglasses online, Ace & Tate has amazing collections for both men and women in prescription glasses as well as sunglasses. They have clip-on friendly glasses as well as metal frames and transparent frames. Some of their bestsellers are the Neil satin gold, Morris fizz, Pierce tigerwood, and Lily fizz.


One of the best brands for sunglasses, some of the top picks from MessyWeekend’s collection includes the Makalu Polarized, Hobbes Revo, Shackleton, and Brooklyn. The company is relatively new and was launched only at the beginning of 2018. While their collection is stylish and trendy, they are also extremely wallet-friendly. And the best news is that you can order your own pair of sunglasses online as MessyWeekend delivers worldwide.


There cannot be a list of best-selling eyewear brands that don’t include Ray-Ban. The company has succeeded in making a name for itself as one of the best brands in the world and many opt for them when ordering men’s sunglasses online. Their eyeglasses come in styles like the aviator, clubmaster, round, and hexagonal and Ray-Ban also lets customers design their own eyewear. The brand is also known for its polarized lenses.


Their latest collection, called the Pigment, has got people talking and Cubitt designs some of the trendiest eyewear from sunglasses to prescription glasses. Their latest sunglasses collection, Blue, comes in styles like Grafton, Cartwright, and Drummond. They also have worldwide delivery so you can easily order your Cubitts women’s sunglasses online.

Maui Jim

This brand stands out among many others because all their sunglasses use PolarizedPlus2 lens technology. The lenses come in four colors that suit different usage conditions like bright, direct sunlight, everyday use, fast action activities, and low light and golf. Their new arrivals include the elegant Isola, trendy Hikina, and stylish Star Gazing.

ic! Berlin

With a range of eyewear, including simple but stylish prescription glasses and trendy and fashionable sunglasses, ic! Berlin is one of the best eyewear brands if you want to order sunglasses online. Their latest Fall/Winter Collection includes 12 all-metal designs in new trend colors. The company was founded in 1996 and uses an original, no-screw hinge with stainless steel, titanium, synthetic, and natural materials to create lightweight eyewear.

Finlay and Co

With worldwide delivery available, you can order your next pair of women’s sunglasses online from Finlay and Co and choose from their trendy collection of eyewear. While their clip-ons are popular, Finlay and Co’s Bowery, Percy, and Evelyn are extremely eye-catching eyeglasses. Their sunglasses also come in the same designs but Parker, Nelson, Archer, and Florio can easily complement any outfit.

Oliver Peoples

A luxury eyewear brand launched in 1987, Oliver Peoples has known for their eyeglasses as well as their sunglasses. Their Finley vintage is a beautiful design, as is the Cary Grant. They also have online exclusive designs that make ordering sunglasses online via Oliver Peoples a chance to wear unique and unusual eyewear that will make heads turn.


From selling eyeglasses from a pushcart in 1899 to creating a brand known around the globe within five generations of operations, Moscot is one of the top bestselling eyewear brands. Their original collection includes the Lemtosh, Miltzen, and Nebb and is definitely worth considering when ordering men’s sunglasses online.

Tom Ford

Many are familiar with the brand Tom Ford and they are one of the top fashion brands in the world. Their eyewear collection includes the elegant but modern Cybil sunglasses as well as the unique Thomas and Christian opticals.

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