Top 6 Gaming Apps To Boost Your Brain

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Brain boosting gaming apps can’t make you smart or happy, but these gaming apps can help you perform certain tougher tasks easily and better. Brain boosting gaming apps offers complex puzzles and problems that can be played by individuals for hours or minutes by capitalizing on the pleasure in which we derive from playing games. Below are the top six gaming apps that can boost your brain and sharpen your mind:


This popular gaming app free for limited access in the Apple Store and Android Play Store. Luminosity is split into three game parts (memory retention, problem solving, processing speed or flexible thinking) which are tailored to help you boost your brain. This gaming app is designed to boost your brain and increase your working memory daily. In other to start playing games, you have to create an account and choose the mental characters you want to exercise. It then creates a daily routine where the games are intelligently tailored to the mental skills you want to test. Lumosity also helps to strengthen your ability to focus on the right thing and teaches you how to ignore things that don’t help.

Brain Trainer

This gaming app helps you boost your brain by making you memorize a sequence of letters, numbers and making you solve a variety of math problems. It offers a large collection of brain boosting gaming apps that help you tailor your gaming experience to your goals and objectives. This gaming app is intelligently designed to increase its difficulty level as you improve, this helps you boost your brain. This gaming app is available versions on Google Play and Apple store, and its level of difficulty are ranked from easy to hard.

Dragon Ninja Rush

Dragon Ninja Rush is a new action gaming app that helps you boost your brain by testing your reflexes and movement with responsive and intuitive motion control. This gaming app is designed to boost an individual brain by training your ninja skill in other to be the Ninja Master and competing with the ninja to attain most realistic control to cope with the challenges that the unique environment brings. Individuals interested in improving their brain should download Dragon Ninja Rush on Google play store and it offers you the best value for your time.


Elevate is one of the best gaming apps that helps gamers in improving their Intelligence Quotient. Like other app is designed to help boost your IQ by improving your focus, memory retention, processing speed, etc. New challenges are set daily to help you build the skills that you desire, the game is mostly common in USA. Individuals interested in improving their IQ can get the game on Google play store and Apple store.

CogniFit Brain Fitness

This gaming app boosts your IQ and Improves memory retention and concentration. It is designed by neuroscientists to help boost IQ and improve the overall brain health by tracking the progress and access insights of users. This gaming app is so intelligent that it adapts each difficulty level to your profile and uses your results to give you a recommendation. Your IQ level improves by spending at least 15 minutes, three to four times a week, playing its games. This IQ boosting app is available for IOS users alone and can be gotten from the apple store.

Personal Zen

This gaming app helps boost your brain and helps reduce anxiety by focusing your brain more on positive things and less on negative things.

It is designed to boost players brain by following two animated characters. These characters are opposite of each other, a character appears calm and friendly while the other character appears angry, as they dig through a field. Playing this game for several hours can help boost your IQ and help build resilience. This brain boosting app is available for IOS users alone and can be gotten from the apple store.

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