Top 5 Warning Signs Your Car’s Timing Belt Needs to be Replaced

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Your vehicle’s engine is situated directly behind the timing belt or timing chain. The belt is composed of a durable, elastic compound, assisted by fabric-strengthened cables, which helps to greatly extend its shelf-life. When the belt is rotating at high speed, its components are subjected to considerable force, owing to its tendency to deteriorate quite rapidly. If your timing belt erodes before you have the chance to get a new one, it can cause untold destruction to your engine, resulting in a very expensive repair bill.

Signs your vehicle’s timing belt needs to be replaced

If your vehicle has an old and deteriorated belt, there are several common warning signs that indicate it needs to be replaced. When your automobile exhibits any of these problems, be sure to have it evaluated by a trade qualified mechanic as soon as possible.

1) The engine rumbles when it idles

The timing belts are adorned with a series of rubber tusks which help them to grasp the car’s gear mechanisms while they’re turning the different motor elements and modules. When these tusks begin to erode or become fragile, your vehicle’s belt begins to lose its hold on the gear mechanisms. When this occurs, tusks tumble into the gears, creating a blockage and causing it to bump and rumble. As it progressively worsens, your vehicle’s motor eventually begins to fail and falter altogether.

2) Motor backfires

When your vehicle’s timing belt is defective, it can impact the motor’s ability to function correctly. In cases where the belt drifts from the gear mechanisms altogether, one of the engine barrels will open and shut far too quickly. If this occurs, your automobile’s motor will backfire, forcing you to purchase a new timing belt immediately. If the existing belt remains in the engine for much longer, it can completely devastate it.

3) Fumes billow from the exhaust

During the colder months of the year, it can sometimes be difficult to know if the fumes coming out of the exhaust are ordinary or not. If there are more fumes then you’d normally expect for those times of the year, however, then it could be a warning sign that your vehicle has a belt issue. Each engine barrel has a pair of cavities in that are tasked with expelling fumes from the exhaust pipe, while absorbing clean oxygen. Under normal conditions, these cavities open and shut simultaneously with the movements of the engine barrels and rotations of other linked devices.

If your car has a faulty belt, the timing of these movements will be compromised, causing fumes and oxygen to be expelled and absorbed at the wrong time, resulting in excess fume ejection.

4) Reduction in oil pressure

Your vehicle’s timing belts are tasked with rotating the gear mechanisms within the engine. When the timing is incorrect, it can cause elements of the engine to snap off and disintegrate. When this happens, it’s possible that some of the fragments can tumble to your car’s oil container, causing the pressure to fall in the lower regions of the motor. If this occurs, your car’s motor is liable to malfunction entirely, forcing you to foot the bill for the total reconstruction of the engine.

5) Engine barrels or spigots are damaged

The worst-case scenario is where the timing belt is severed or destroyed altogether. When this occurs, the engine shaft rotates by itself, completely out of synchronous with the motions of the other engine parts. This causes the engine barrels to rub against the spigots as they open and shut. This can distort the spigots or damaging the barrels entirely. If you wish to avoid additional engine harm, turn it off straight away. Failing to do so may force you into paying for an entirely new engine.

If your vehicle is experiencing any of the issues listed here, consult a mechanic who specializes in timing chain or timing belt repairs and replacements.

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