Top 5 Truck Loading Priorities for Chemical Facilities

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Safety is, or at least should be the highest priority for any industrial facility, but more especially if it’s a chemical manufacturing plant. The hazardous materials that are managed by staff on a daily basis, combined with the company’s eagerness to meet ambitious performance goals, can have disastrous ramifications for the safety of workers if proper safety measures aren’t in place and adhered to. As well as this, high quality truck access loading platforms improve worker safety considerably, offering high level protection for all personnel.

1) Reducing safety dangers helps to safeguard employees, while improving company revenue

Hazardous situations are an ever-present danger in all chemical operations, particularly during bad weather conditions and with the constant need to maintain and exceed existing workplace efficiency. Possessing proper safety devices will help to alleviate those dangers substantially, enhancing the overall safety of the facility while ensuring that manufacturing is able to proceed at a high pace.

An area of all chemical facilities that must be treated with particular care, concerns the loading and unloading of chemicals onto large tanker trucks. Through the use of purpose built work platforms, it’s vital they are able to be firmly positioned above the tank, ensuring that any small spaces are covered. Equally important is the loading rack, which must be able to provide personnel with steady forward and reverse movements, not only for ensuring maximum safety but to help protect the tanker from unnecessary damage.

A loading rack that guarantees safe and consistent movement gives workers a greater sense of confidence when handling hazardous materials in and around the closure on top of the tanker, heightening personal safety while improving worker performance. The loading and removal of dangerous synthetics always carries a risk, but if appropriate safety equipment such as truck access loading platforms are used and workers follow all safety guidelines, then a safer, more productive environment can be assured.

2) Productivity

High productivity is crucial to every manufacturing company and if an employee suffers an injury at work, productivity suffers as well. This once again serves to emphasise the value of having the correct safety devices in place. If truck access platforms have not been correctly designed to fit each tanker, are burdensome or don’t offer a stable surface for the user, employees will be forced into taking unnecessary risks, endangering their personal safety in order to meet company output demands. This is not in the best interests of the workers or the business.

3) Contamination

As well as ensuring the wellbeing of all workers is protected at all times, it’s also imperative that the materials don’t become contaminated. Chemical materials are extremely sensitive to foreign objects and contamination can occur through contact with even tiniest sample of other liquid. For this reason, it’s crucial that OHS approved safety devices are implemented for the purpose of safely transporting such materials.

4) Electrical Concerns

Whenever a tanker truck takes on or offloads liquid materials, the process can inadvertently cause the build-up of static electricity. For this reason, it’s very important that the truck and those working in its vicinity are grounded. Failure to do so could result in a blaze or blast. The correct loading process requires the operator to ensure the truck is grounded prior to any other tasks commencing.

5) Reducing spillages and effectively controlling them if they occur

Spills are unavoidable in all manufacturing and warehousing environments and aren’t just an annoyance, they can jeopardise the immediate safety of workers and in cases of particularly harmful substances, can impact both their short and long-term health as well. Depending on the nature of the fallen substance, it could also trigger a chemical fire, placing the entire facility and everyone in it at risk.

Having effective spill prevention protocols and devices in place isn’t just sensible, they’re an essential addition to all facilities, particular for those that handle hazardous goods. Beyond this, they’re also a requirement under many OHS laws throughout the world. In the event that a worker comes in contact with a harmful substance, specially formulated eye rinse and washing booths are critical for all levels in a chemical facility.

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