Top 5 Things to Do in Marina Bay

No trip to the wonderful Marina Bay in Singapore is complete without visiting the following immensely popular attractions. The area has undergone massive redevelopment in the last few years and has transformed into a haven for tourists and locals alike. Once you have decided on your accommodation in Marina Bay, whether it’s a serviced apartment, a hotel, a hostel or staying with guests, the next point to consider is what to do with the limited time on your hands and how best to explore the area.

The following are 5 things you must do while in Marina Bay.

1. Gardens by the Bay

This is one of the most famous attractions of arina Bay and attracts upwards of 6 million visitors each year. It is a horticultural marvel that attrcats foreigners and locals alike. Taking plant life to a whole new level, Gardens by the Bay is an educating and awe inspiring look at plants, flowers, forests and habitats. Choose from 3 distinct gardens Bay South, Bay East and Bay Central.

Bay South - largest garden, it containstains an award-winning conservatory including Supertrees. In additions to spectacular plant and flower displays that change frequently, the gardens host music festivals, movie screenngs, sports events and school programmes.

Bay East – 2nd largest of the three, it is a quieter garden and offers beautiful views of Singaporean skyline. A waterfront garden is in the pipelines.

Bay Central – the smallest of the three gardens, it forms a link between Bay South and Bay East and contains a 3 km waterfront promenade which provides beautiful views of the city. 

2. Helix Bridge

Opened in 2010, the bridge links Marina Centre with Marina South and is also known as the ‘Double Helix bridge’. It was strategically placed in its location to give it as much prominence in front of visitors to the area. The inside of the bridge includes moving platforms that allow pedestrians to view the bridge from different angles. Thanks to the lights on the bridge, it can be used at any time of day or night. This eye catching marvel is an unmissable attraction of Marina Bay.

3. Art Science Museum

A unique museum that explores the creative side of art, science, technology and culture, this museum explores how each field has helped shape society and the creative processes that can be found in each subject. Go here for some stunning exhibitions that educate and amaze simultaneously. Keep plenty of time aside to explore this museum which is made up of more than 10 exhibition areas.

4. Singapore Flyer

One of the world’s largest observation wheels, it is also Singapore’s foremost tourist attraction. Designed by Dr. Kisho Kurokawa, it was opened to the public in 2008 and offers spectacular panoramic views of the Marina Bay skyline as well as views of Malaysia and Indonesia. Visitors step inside a glass capsule that is fuly-airconditioned and can go on a 30-minute journey, whether its day or night. After dark is the best time to take a ride on the Singapore flyer because all the evening lights are visible, making the scene especially pretty. 

5. Gluttons Bay

If good food is a priority for you on holiday, then this is the perfect location for you. Located towards the scenic harbourfront, Gluttons Bay is a great place for hawkers to conglomerate. It stands next to the location where the now-shut Satay Club used to be. Try the nasi goring, which is made up of fried rice and spring onions. Make sure you add some Indonesian sweet soy sauce for added flavor and a bit of spice. You will also find fresh fruit juice and stir-fried flat noodles with chicken. The area is also popular with locals and tourists alike because in addition to the delicious food, you have stunning views to gaze at on an evening out.

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