Top 5 Things All Good Landing Pages Must Have

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Regardless of your business industry, the goal of every website is the same; to transform visitors into paying customers, or at the very least, interested buyers. The most crucial pages of any website are the landing pages. As the name suggests, landing pages are the pages that visitors typically land on, when accessing your site through a search engine, such as Google.

A landing page can make or break your website. On one hand, a well designed landing page can capture your visitor’s attention, prompting them to explore the rest of your site, while increasing the chances of them doing business with you. On the other hand, however, a poorly designed page can lead your visitors to look elsewhere for their answers, resulting in untold amounts in lost sales.

There are a number of essential components that all landing pages should have to ensure the best chances of converting visitors into prospective clients.

1) Prominent Headings

Headings are a vital part of all landing pages. They define the purpose of the page and play a big role in determining whether or not a user stays or goes. All headings should be engaging and compel the user to read on. An important part of creating headings that resonate with your audience, is developing an understanding of your target demographic.

2) Videos and Images

Content reigns supreme when it comes to creating effective landing pages and nothing is more persuasive than high quality videos and images that serve to enhance the message and purpose of your page. Visual based content has a distinct advantage over written text; you could have the most extraordinary, well-written content in the world, but the large majority of your visitors will still only quickly skim through the text.

With a video however, unless it’s a horribly crafted piece that sends people straight to sleep, most users are going to take the time to watch most - if not all of it, especially if it’s only a minute or so long. It also much easier to breathe life into a video and promote the uniqueness of your company and your brand, through the use of videos, than it is with text or even images. Videos and to a lesser extent images, are great for adding excitement and intrigue, even to products and services that are decidedly mundane.

3) Customer Testimonials

Before anyone agrees to commit themselves to buying a product or employing the services of a tradesman or company, they need to be certain that the vendor is reputable. A good way to do this is to add customer testimonials to your page. If possible, include lengthier testimonials that clearly explain why the customer was satisfied with your business product or service.

Ones that consist of little more than “these guys are amazing” or similar, are of little value to prospective customers and may even appear dubious in the eyes of more cautious buyers. See if you can convince your customers to agree to having a small photo of themselves included beside their name on your site as well, as this further reinforces the trust factor.

4) Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is crucial to increasing the exposure of your landing pages in search engines and driving traffic to them. There are many ways to improve the visibility of a landing page in search engines, from optimising the elementary components of the page, such as the page title, meta description and headings, to adding high quality onpage content and creating quality backlinks from external websites. Even the best designed landing pages are of little use, if there is no one actually landing on them.

5) CTAs

Assuming that all elements of the landing page listed in this guide have been engineered to perfection and the user is interested in buying or fulfilling the main purpose of your page, such as signing up for a subscription, participating in an online survey and so on, it’s now time for them to take action. We do this through the addition of CTAs, or Call to Actions. This is in the form of a button that displays the action that you wish your users to take, such as ‘Sign Up Now’, ‘Click Here to Get 15% Off Your First Purchase’ etc. Failing to add a CTA on an otherwise tremendous landing page, could potentially undo all your hard work.

Well-designed landing pages play a critical role in converting visitors into paying customers. If you require expert advice, be sure to get in touch with an experienced SEO specialist.

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