Too Shy? Here's Why Online Dating Would Be Perfect For You

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A lot of people find social situations difficult. This will only be exacerbated when they're meeting new people. They'll be the ones lingering in the kitchen at parties, or lurking at the edge of the dance-floor in clubs, too awkward to embrace the communal spirit. Dating single men or women can be a real issue, as this is something that certainly requires a degree of confidence. This hesitancy can even persist when it comes to online dating.

But if you think you might be ‘too shy' to make the most of a matchmaking website, there are reasons why the opposite is the case. QuickfFlirt is explaining why dating sites would be perfect for you.

Mutual attraction

One aspect of dating commonly inspiring a sense of dread is the thought of rejection. The idea that someone does not reciprocate your level of attraction can come as a crushing blow. But the beauty of online dating is the people you will be meeting are there for exactly the same reasons as yourself. They have one thing in common: they are single and they are keen to connect with like-minded individuals.


In an off-line situation, there can be a tendency to play mind games or hide behind personas. It's all a case of not wanting to reveal too much at once. Online, this type of scenario is less likely to occur. Dating sites present a discreet environment where singles are encouraged to get to know one another in a relaxed atmosphere. If you do come across someone whose profile causes you to double-take, becoming acquainted with them can be a pleasurable experience, with no ulterior motives to concern you.

Whether you find yourself chatting to another introvert or an extrovert, in a virtual environment differing personalities occupy a level playing field.


If you are ever wary about approaching someone you find attractive in the real world, the similar situation is so much easier online. Getting familiar with another single can begin with you sending a wink or like to them. This is the equivalent of an enigmatic smile across a crowded dance-floor. If they show interest, you can start exchanging regular messages with one another. The more adept you become at injecting these communications with quips and a degree of flirting, the greater your confidence will grow. In no time at all you will be eagerly corresponding with this person, building a real sense of chemistry.

First impressions

Another aspect of off-line dating that can inspire real dread is the thought of what someone is going to think upon meeting you for the first time. You can begin fretting about your fashion sense, or regretting you didn't pay a visit to the hairdresser beforehand. What type of thing should you discuss when you meet your love interest at the rendezvous point? At what stage should you be prepared to reveal any secrets? And so on.

When you use a dating site to communicate with someone, you don't have to concern yourself with striving to make a first impression. It's all about how well you can engage with them in your texts. You have the facility of drafting these, first of all, then edit them as much as you wish before pressing the all-important ‘send' button. Unlike the real world, where people can be a hostage to whatever train-of-thought has inspired something to inadvertently blurt from their mouths, the power is in your hands.

The beauty of developing a sense of confidence when you're online is that this can be readily transferred into the real world.

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