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With the passage of time, the business world is becoming more competitive and challenging for marketers. In 2020, one of the hot topics for marketers across the world is the fast-growing changes in SEO. Among many platforms of searching, Google as the search engine and other many inbound marketing methods have changed the ways the top leading organisations are optimising search rankings to expand their businesses and to get success in this digital age.

This article is going to give professional advice on how to prepare for SEO in the current challenging business environment. Check out the following:

Search Engines Have Evolved In Recent Years

The primary goal of all search engines is providing their users with the most pertinent results of what they search for. As far as the local businesses are concerned, consumers generally want information about phone numbers, photos, hours of operation, etc. Along with these, they are also interested in getting information about a company and for this, they like to use social media platforms to interact with and review reviews posted by customers.

With this in mind, search engines have evolved so that the consumers feel easy while looking for any information. Search engines have also evolved immensely to ensure the information the users want is easily accessible, whether the user use any type of technological devices including laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.

The Importance of Establishing a Good Social Presence for SEO

The current scenario is that the average consumer is quite intelligent and hence uses more and more information sources to make a decision of purchasing. Search engines are frequently used by consumers to discover potential companies and hence, they seek out the only certain name of a company to get information about it. Thus, it is clear that social media is very crucial at this age.

Consumers evaluate a company to get its information by using business directories, photo sharing websites, blogs, and much more. Besides this, they also prefer to go through reviews and try to interact with content posted on sites of social media.

The most important to SEO is now claiming and publishing content across all the social media networking platforms as part of a company’s online presence. Now, the companies have a variety of cost-effective advertising platforms that they can leverage to make sure the most comprehensive and thorough strategy possible.

Advanced Mobile Devices as Main Source of Traffic

In recent times, it has been announced by Google that mobile devices are one of the main sources of user traffic. The marketers and their businesses have been greatly impacted by this source and this has happened very rapidly than anyone ever projected. It has been found that almost 90% of users using smartphones prefer Google to get information and for this very reason, Google always makes strong efforts to ensure that they make easy every step for its users to get the best and immediate results. So, it is clear now that every company must have a mobile-friendly version of their website. Unfortunately, a large number of marketers still do not understand the worth of mobile technology and they don’t have mobile-friendly versions of their websites.

How to Seek Customers and Online Brand Advocates?

Converting strangers into customers who then promote a business is indeed a challenging job for marketers, and it requires a comprehensive system. One of the best approaches marketers can do is to conduct thorough market research to know the buying behavior of their customers and then evaluate their online presence to find the opportunities for enhancement that exist. This comprehensive market evaluation also integrates a more competitive analysis and recommended promotion and marketing finances for deliberation.

In fact, having a wide-ranging strategic plan can’t be overemphasized. Marketing is purely a tool or approach to achieve strategic business objectives.

2020 Predictions on SEO Trends

A number of major trends have been found that are really transforming the competitive situation. Behold the following:

Since consumers have been using more and more smartphone devices, it is expected that mobile devices are going to achieve 90% of the world market penetration by this year. The sales of Tablet devices are also growing with rapid moments. So, local marketers need to go with their local marketing techniques to be suited to Tablets. It is expected that the local searches via mobile phones will turn into a purchase by up to 80%. The influence of social media platforms is also very much on buyers’ purchase decisions and hence, more and more consumers are now preferring to use social media to get information about best-suited companies.

In this situation, it is now very crucial for marketers to have a mobile-friendly website and make sure the strong presence on social media platforms.

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