Time Crunch? Budget Issues? No worries! Read Book Summaries for Free

Time Crunch? Budget Issues? No worries! Read Book Summaries for Free

We have an aim to provide; to provide the most valued jewel in the contemporary world, i.e., knowledge. We aim to provide an easier way to achieve that goal of hundreds of books by renowned national and international authors through its specially curated chapter-wise summary of the book, in the form of quickly readable or listenable Slates, in English as well as regional Indian languages. The highest way RollingSlate adds the value which it envisions is by providing a specially curated gist of the books you might have had in mind but were just not getting that dedication due to lack of motivation to get on with it. With this, you can complete that book with all the knowledge and wisdom it has to offer through an amazingly short read.


The mission is to take forward the vision of becoming the largest virtual library for all the book lovers, so that they can quench their thirst for wisdom and knowledge, by accessing all the renowned books in our database in English and in all the widely spoken regional Indian languages. Virtual Library is essential when we realize that not all have access to public or private libraries or even the cost to buy the real books, whereas this library can be accessed anytime, anywhere and free of cost, may it be midnight in the middle of the desert with winds stronger than ever.


Book enthusiasts come across hundreds of obstacles but an issue like the unavailability of books in a language that they can’t comprehend, lack of time is left unattended. We aimsto counter the first issue by creating a big network moving across the barriers of knowledge that usually pulls the many enthusiasts back to being alien to the world of books. Thus, we plan to make available all detailed summaries in English as well as regional Indian languages. So be it Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, or any other indigenous language, you can access the summary in your preferred language at the click of a button! Currently we are only providing summaries in English. The plan in the head will soon be executed.


One major drawback of reading a hard paperback edition is the time it cuts in your busy schedules and with the inception of short reads nowadays people are already looking to curb this problem. RollingSlate hence fills the vacuum by providing slates that can help use time more wisely and at the same time not let you miss out on all the knowledge that is circulating in this ever-evolving world. Now you can increase your book reading targets to many higher levels and minus the time it consumes.


It also solves the huge obstacle for the students who have an intense thirst for books but are unable to afford the books and hence have to take a step back. Here we act as a savior by providing books free of cost without any thought about libraries having the editions or not. Our genres range from the north to the south pole, be it politics, history, philosophy or any category out there, we are covering 27+ genres and 200+ books!.


The book lovers don’t now stand at a crossroad to achieve that pandora box of knowledge that books hold with the summaries so precisely designed and curated holding the message and emotion of the book intact while providing all different perspectives the book had to offer in the different chapters. Thus, this way the vision and message of the books reach the masses without leaving out the emotions and essence behind them. Adding to this, the RollingSlate library will become more vibrant day by day when it is updated every day with all the new books in the knowledge circles.


Giving value to the world is a much easier phrase said than done. From what we aim, it appears that we might contradict this statement as an exception and bring forward a new enriching trend to the book enthusiast’s life, adding wisdom and knowledge to everyone’s life and not just a few.