Three Key Symptoms and Ultimate Cures for Customer Churn

Three Key Symptoms and Ultimate Cures for Customer Churn

With the ever-expanding growth of customer experience programs that are even championed at board-levels, we as the vendor of one of the most popular CRM for small and medium businesses often find several companies investing heavily in the battleground for boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty of their brands. Nevertheless, the focus on the big picture CX (Customer Experience), the reason why customers leave a brand are often very subtle and can be even because of an overzealous craving to engage, attract and delight the customers.

Hence here are certain churn symptoms and remedies for customer retention and business growth: 

1. Never asked for customer feedbacks (ALL THE TIME)

While you can never beat the awkwardness of promising your management that you shall take the survey feedback from your customers and leave a glowing review every day since trying for such a digital experience can even make your customers feel that they are part-time unpaid survey machines. 

Now even though it is extremely critical to measure your customer’s satisfaction level with your brand, but nevertheless always be mindful not to over-gamify your support agents or set up a needy system that is automated to push out surveys after any interaction or transaction.

One option to avoid doing this is to look for s VOC (Voice of the Customer) solution that can use AI (Artificial Intelligence) to analyze between structured and unstructured data at scale as well as feedback surveys and thereafter analyze all kind of data about customer interactions to grain a true and valuable insight about the customer’s journey without the requirement to repeatedly disturb the customers for providing their scores.

2. Inconsistent or incorrect answers

Secondly, it has been widely found that far too many brands still fail to provide consistent answers to their consumers either between different agents or channels of communication.

For example, in a study done by Eptica, in 2019 it was found that most businesses gave 80% satisfactory answers in Twitter to a set of questions sent over email, compared to the accuracy of the same answer which was 45% on Facebook.

This shows that even though the support agents had the information needed within the business but they failed to breakdown data silos within departments or even different customer support channels.

Therefore as a solution to this issue businesses must use a centralized knowledge base like an easy to use CRM to store and distribute information so that anyone can self-assuredly deliver accurate and fast answers and solutions easily.

3. Slow responses to emails

Researches show that while email remains to be the second most used channel for communication in businesses and is the most popular channel used by customers to express their urgent, emotional and complex needs, nevertheless most companies take approximately 38 hours or even more on an average to respond successfully to an email, and many times 63% of the emails do not get answered all or provides inaccurate or incomplete responses, which in this competitive marketplace can be found equivalent to going into a retail store and asking a question and the staff declining to acknowledge you….

Now using self-service which can be powered by NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology can automate and enable customers to find the right answers quickly.
Using this technology along with easy to use CRM and Chabot can free your support agents from answering low-level and receptive questions and instead empower them to focus on more complex issues that require human empathy.

Otherwise, you can even use an email management system that can boost the agent’s productivity by intelligently routing the best answers and suggestions stored in the system and thereby deliver a fast accurate service.


Hence in this age of customer connect, while the number of interactions is only going to rise and continue to squeeze out the resources of customer support centers, the companies that will survive must use business growth technology solutions to understand and help both themselves and their customers for serving them at little better every day.

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