Things You Need To Know About Motorcycle Tyre Pressure

Things You Need To Know About Motorcycle Tyre Pressure

Tire pressure is an important aspect to pay attention to, regardless of your choice of vehicle. Since motorcycles are two-wheeled vehicles and the weight of the vehicle and the rider falls on the two tyres, motorcycle tyre pressure plays a huge role in overall performance.

Before getting into things you need to know about motorcycle tyre pressure, it’s necessary to understand how tyres work. Tyres are made of rubber and, when flexed, rubber generates heat. In order to counter this, tyres are filled with air so that they can flex without generating heat. This air is contained in the carcass of the tyre and this part of the tyre transmits the grip generated by the rubber tread to the wheel rim.

Next, we need to know about the tyre’s footprint, which is the area of the tyre that touches the ground. The footprint is where the forces that drive the motorcycle and maintain stability are generated.

Now that you have a basic idea about motorcycle tyres, we can look at the role played by tyre pressure. Lower pressure means a bigger footprint, which results in the rubber having to bend and unbend more. This bending and unbending is one of the main ways in which heat is generated by a rolling tyre.

There are a few other factors to consider when it comes to temperature. The temperature of the ground plays a huge role here, as does the load on the vehicle and speed. Not paying attention to these factors when buying a car or three wheeler tyres could end badly, with the structure of the tyre being highly affected.

This, however, doesn’t mean that tyres can be inflated to its maximum capacity in order to have a smaller footprint. If you take a balloon and keep inflating it, it will burst at some point. The same is true of bicycle tyres and there are recommendations by tyre manufacturers of different inflation pressures. If you want to make sure your tyre’s structure remains unaffected, you will want to pay attention to these tyre pressure recommendations.

Since there is a lot relying on tyre pressures, you may wonder how you can check the pressure in your motorcycle or three wheeler tyres. You will want to first check tyre specifications, which is the number followed by PSI. Then you can use a tyre pressure gauge, but do so after you have let your tyres cool off. The heat that builds up when a tyre is in use can affect the reading.

Next, remove the valve cap, add air as needed, and replace the valve cap. Repeat these steps on the other tyre.

How often you should check your tyre pressure depends on usage. If you don’t ride often, you will want to check tyre pressure on both tyres before every ride. However, if you ride more often, say once a week or more, you can check your tyre pressure once a week. If you are on a long trip, however, it is recommended that you check your tyre pressure at least once a day, although it is better if you check it once in the morning or in the evening.

While such recommendations can be given, it is always best to listen to the tyre manufacturer. Depending on the bike, tyres, load, speed, and weather conditions, the tyre manufacturer or even tyre sales center will be able to tell you exactly what to look for.

The manufacturer of the bicycle tyres you bought will have the best advice on when to check tyre pressure and what the tyre pressure should be. Tyre sales centers may also have some valuable tips for you.

These are the basics you need to know about motorcycle tyre pressure, but you should always cover the basics and more when buying motorcycle tyres so that you follow guidelines that specifically cater to your requirements.

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