Things to do in London with Kids

Things to do in London with Kids

London is one of the historical cities of Great Britain which lovingly holds the magnanimous River Thames in the vast boundaries of its heart. Whether it is the buzzing pace of British life or the unpredictable English weather, London has existed through it all since Roman times. The beauty of this enchanting city never ceases to amaze you.

A holiday in London is an exciting proposition and beyond that even planning a summer trip to the city with kids sounds vehemently joyful, however, you can visit anytime you wish to. There are some amazing things to do in London with kids.

things to do in london

Home to the royals, London has plenty of historical sights to see. The summer season is the best time to visit the city as many sights are open for tourists at this time. The Buckingham Palace is open through the summers for the public and so is the Kew Palace at Richmond. The busiest of towns and boroughs of London have some of the best and unknown places to see even with Kids.

Out of the many fervidly exciting things to do in London a few have been listed in some pointers below. Most of these places are in and around Shoreditch and Aldgate so it wouldn’t hurt if you pick up a place to stay in these areas. Hunting for short stay Shoreditch apartments might sound like a great idea!

St. Katharine Docks Treasure Trail in Tower Hill:

St Katharine Docks

Children have an unusual liking for adventure. Bank on their super sense of adventure and take them out to the St. Katharine Docks Treasure Trail at Tower Hill. Just miles away from Shoreditch, it is a great way to get the kids charged up during a trip. This outdoor hunt is suitable for children of all ages and even teenagers. Grown-ups can have fun too. It is always better when the whole family joins the fun.

Tower Hill:

Tower Hill London

One of the medieval gems, the Tower hill is a brilliant monument with British historical overtones. A trip to this place will give you a quick lesson in English history. The Ancient Armoury exhibition is a must watch. You could also take your little daredevils to the top floor where the 18th-century executioner’s block is kept. A short trip to the Jewel House where the precious Crown Jewels are housed will have the kids bedazzled.

Harry Potter London Bus tour

Harry Potter London bus tour

The little wizards can have a whale of a time at the Harry Potter bus tour. The three-hour children’s travel omnibus will give them a chance to play around as their favorite characters. The trip around the Kings Cross 93/4, the Grimmauld place and the sight of the Leaky Cauldron will have them live through their favorite moments that were shot here for the Harry Potter film.

National Centre for Circus Arts

National centre for Circus Arts

Fairly close to Shoreditch, the National Centre for Circus arts is great for teenagers who wish to learn a few gymnast skills. They can try their hand with trapeze, diabolo, and tightrope walks. The Youth Circus has exclusive training programmes and recreational themes for 11 to 21-year olds. The center also has Junior Circus from 5 to 11-year olds who wish to learn a bit of fun aerial activities and juggling.  

Aldgate Sky Gardens

Aldgate Sky Garden London

The huge glass dome, in the Fenchurch Street of Aldgate, has exquisitely landscaped public gardens that you can enjoy with your kids. Take a leisurely stroll in the rooftop Sky Garden. The observation decks and open-air terrace is an enchanting experience for everyone. The 34 storied skyscraper has a collection of a brasserie, rooftop bar, and seafood restaurant. Popularly nicknamed as the ‘Walkie Talkie’, the glass giant is the 6th tallest building in the City of London.

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