Sunglasses for Your Next Adventure

Sunglasses for Your Next Adventure

The holiday season is upon us, and most of us are busy getting ready for our next big adventure where the fun begins with packing and a cool pair of sunglasses is a must. Yes, sunglasses have become a fashion statement. We buy sunglasses based on how they can amplify our overall look. But that’s not the only thing to consider when buying a pair of sunnies, because sunglasses not only protect your eyes from the harmful rays of UV light but also protect your eyes from dirt, dust, and dry as a result of the wind. Therefore it is also important to consider the other important benefits of owning a proper pair of sunglasses while looking stylish. The good news is that you can get all of this in the comfort of your own home by ordering sunglasses online right here and choose from a wide array of designs online for a reasonably affordable price.

Before anything else, let's answer the question; what are Ultra-violet (UV) rays? These are high energy invisible light rays. We are mainly exposed to UV rays from sunlight which is strongest during the daytime between 10 am to about 2-3 pm in tropical countries like Sri Lanka. This is why it is advised to wear proper eyewear during the daytime when you are heading outdoors.

So what are the lens options we should choose from?  Lens color is, of course, a personal choice. Some may prefer a very dark or black lens whereas others might prefer a brown or even other color-tinted lenses. Special consideration should be put into how you want to block out those harmful rays reaching your eyes. When you go through sunglasses online available you will see a lot of words like polarized or photochromic and anti-reflective lenses, which may result in you being confused. So we are here to clarify the difference!

Basically, a polarized lens has a special filter that blocks out intense light rays that reflect off of flat surfaces. These rays travel in a more uniform horizontal direction and create a glare that really irritates the eye and reduces visibility. By wearing polarized sunglasses the glare is reduced and soothes your eyes on a bright and sunny day. It is worth investing in a pair of polarized men’s sunglasses online before your next tropical adventure. It is often preferred by those who spend a lot of time around water like beaches. So get a good quality polarized women’s sunglass online before hitting the beach to work on your tan!

Photochromic lenses also known as transition lenses can adjust the darkness relative to the amount of light. The lens is clear when you are indoors and darkens when exposed to sunlight. This is a very useful feature to look for when buying sunglasses online for those who need to wear corrective lenses as it leaves the hassle of changing eyewear when you are headed outdoors.

When you order men’s sunglasses online you can also consider the mirror-coated lenses and anti-reflective coated lenses, which also help reduce the disturbing glare. And remember to get impact-resistant or scratch-resistant sunglasses especially when you are traveling. You can just check out the latest designs and purchase an affordable and high-quality pair of sunglasses online right here. 

The design or style of sunglasses you buy is, of course, a personal preference. But remember that certain designs will not go too well with your facial shape.

The most popular styles for men’s sunglasses online are wayfarers with the frame all around the lens and the brow line style with the frame from just above the lens. Both these designs easily fit any shaped face and never goes out of style. Check out men’s sunglasses online for more styles. Aviator design seems to be an all-time favorite among both sexes. It is classy and sexy and doesn’t seem to be going out of style anytime soon. Other types of popular designs for women’s sunglasses online are cat-eye style, the round-framed style from the ’90s and the square-framed sunglasses for that very chic and retro look. When you look for women’s sunglasses online, make sure to get a pair that suits your face, provides protection all the while enhancing your ‘oomph’ factor.

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