Stainless Steel Drives the Automobile Industry

 Stainless steel drives the automobile industry

Metals discovery by humans paved way for development at a fast pace and in multitudes of dimensions. Our earliest metallurgy and alchemy techniques led to the extraction of almost pure metals from their ores and then we utilized these metals to forge weapons as the first utilities. The later uses involved constructions in the housing and machinery and of course motor vehicles. Motorcars have been among the most splendid and robust uses of metals of diversity.

Steel and particularly Stainless Steel became the preferred choice of the automobile industry because of the salient attributes that it adores viz a viz other metal choices. Steel is actually an alloy with iron being the main component and carbon being the definitive element in it. Carbon steels are the most common types while stainless steel with the noted presence of metal chromium in it is more known for extreme sturdiness, elasticity and above all the rust and corrosion resistance! These qualities are most desirable and are optimized in SS. Stainless steel sheets and stainless steel wire manufacturer companies are making their products in different grades like 304, 201 and 316 to serve towards specialty applications including in the automobile industry which has become almost reliant on this alloy for making best vehicles.

Why SS finds demand in auto sector?

The adoption of SS for making automobiles is because of the above-stated attributes of steel. A vehicle needs to be developed with a versatile and sturdy make so that it is able to survive the external environ, temperature extremes, pollutants in the atmosphere and performs well for years. Such reliability is offered by stainless steel and not by any other metal. Other choices like aluminum prove to be expensive, considering the initial cost of manufacturing the base metal. Aluminum despite being light weight is not as much corrosion resistant as steel!

The demand by automobile industry at the desk of steel manufacturer firms has swelled because of technical developments also; like those relating to its welding and fabrication. More dedicated robotic arms and specialty TIG and MIG welders are available in the enterprise ambiences that make tasks easy and perfect as demanded in this sector. Welding wire Mig suppliers are catering to the niche requirements of the auto sector through trusted products.

As for welding of stainless steel, the microstructure is an important function and should be taken care of. According to the technical categorization, stainless steels are classified in the segments of austenitic, ferritic, duplex and martensitic. These are all differentiated by the arrangement of the metal matrix and hence these respond against welding techniques in a varied manner. Here is an overview of these types of stainless steels

Some of the tech attributes that are directly contributed by stainless steel towards its use in automobile industry are as follows –

The elasticity quotient of Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is among the most elastic metals known tThe temperature adaptabilityo man. This makes its apt for use in automobile parts like in chassis and suspensions because it delivers maximum resilience against the forces that are generated during the vehicle movement through diverse terrains and passages.

The corrosion resistance like in 316 grade

Steel and in particular the 316 grade is known for highest level corrosion and rust resistance. This makes the vehicle parts versatile against the environmental factors such as moisture and salinity as also pollutants that can cause corrosion.

The strength and sturdiness

The microstructure of stainless steel is such that this alloy achieves a high degree of sturdiness and strength. This is a demanded attribute while making automobiles.

The temperature adaptability

Stainless Steel has high adaptability against temperature extremes. This is good for a vehicle that may be required in different geographic and climatic environments.

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