So, You Think You Want to Own a Dance Studio?

Dance Teacher

You’ve grown up loving dace. You’ve waited your whole life to perform a dance recital and you’ve dreamed of owning a studio. But where do you begin? While you have a burning passion and art for dance, this alone won’t help you run a successful dance studio. This venture requires you to be business savvy and you need capital. You need to have strong attention to detail also. If you’re looking to make this venture successful from the get-go, here are some things to keep in mind.

Consider Working for a Dance Studio

What better way to learn the ins and outs of the art of dance than by working at a studio yourself. Consider working in a few different roles so you get exposure to everything. Soak up lessons yourself from different owners to see different styles. Each person runs their studio a little differently. You’ll be able to market yourself better and build a solid network. You’ll be able to see just what it takes to run a successful studio and what issues and roadblocks you may come across as well as learning how to overcome these roadblocks. Learn how cash comes in and out and get some hands-on experience. Consider learning some basics to business by finding mentors, reading articles taking webinars and more. Get comfortable with the business side such as marketing and the financial aspect of running a dance studio.

Choosing a Name and Creating a Business Plan

Business plans are visual aids. They get you from one point to the next without any side distractions. It’ll help keep you on track of what you need to accomplish without missing anything important in between. Banks also want to see this business plan before they give you a loan to start your studio. There are several online resources that help you develop an effective and successful business plan. You can find mentoring and other training to help you make important decisions.

Developing a name for your studio is an important aspect as well as it’s the first piece of branding your business. This can’t be changed once you move forward. Research different options and take some time. Consider making a name that denotes your studio type and make sure it represents you!

Advertising and Marketing

This is another important aspect as it’s how you get your name out there to the public. This is how you get your customer base. Most studios have a customer base made up of little girls aged 2-11. Other types include mommy and me, adult mom, competitive or fitness and teen classes. Consider surveying local schools within a 10-mile radius to help determine what audience you’ll want to target. Consider checking out your competition in the area to see what they offer the community. Try to avoid offering similar classes. Consider naming your studio something with the area’s name. This helps with your online presence in search engines.

Plan mission statements and company vision. Always be clear what you’re offering and what you do in your mission statement. What are you offering? What makes you different from your competition? Mission statements bring together what the goal is of your studio.

Social Media and Website

Selling your business has never been easier. There’s a myriad number of ways to get yourself out there with the help of social media and the advancements if the internet. Start with your website and make it stand out. Having a site is a must-have. Websites these days are optimized to be viewable on mobile devices. If you have a strict budget, you can create on one your own or you can opt to hire a professional.

Make sure all necessary pages are present: Contact Us, Who We Are, About Page, Services Page, Testimonial Page. Blogs also help with SEO placement.

Get Involved

If your community is hosting events, volunteer time with free performances. Consider performing at nursing homes or work with your local girl scout tribe. Getting yourself out there in the community is crucial to getting off the ground.

These tips are a great way to get you started. Your job is going to expand further than being a dance teacher. You’ll be running a studio. SCORE is a national group you might want to look into. It helps nurture entrepreneurs who are looking to start a business. Following what you love to do is a dream come true for many. Make sure you have help along the way to prevent failure.

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