Six Most Common Pitfalls In CX and Its Near-Universal Remedies

Six Most Common Pitfalls In CX and Its Near-Universal Remedies

It was not that long ago when planning and strategy makers in businesses simply did not care to include the term CX aka “Customer Experience” for business growth.

This is because there are several organizations that earned their customers successfully, retained those customers but never did think much about the actual experience that they were providing to the consumers of their offerings.

In fact, the formula for success in business often did not even require collecting customer feedbacks, let alone responding to those feedbacks diligently.

Nevertheless, a funny thing occurred on the way to their perpetual success.

Over the course of time, customers began to gain control in ways business leaders did not predict as the level of visibility and transparency between customer and company changed drastically.

For example, nowadays a customer could make a great ruckus and even successfully get the world’s attention over a weekend, while the corporate PR department is closed and clocked out.

Hence the old rules no longer apply to the modern business environment as it is no more just enough to sell to a consumer and take their money.
Instead in the present times now you have to take care about the experience of your customers.

Therefore the best companies who were coming up in this new era started building businesses around CX, since brands like Uber, Warby Parker, SportsClips, AirBnB, and others viewed that there is a requirement and did build an entire business model fulfilling their customer’s needs.

Now as new experience-based businesses the above-stated companies had the benefit of starting their brands that way, since retrofitting CX implies taking giant leaps with baby steps.

We say this because the struggle to move an entire organization from sales or product-focused to customer-focused business is intensely laborious, time-consuming and costly work.

Therefore, here are six nearly-universal issues that affect organizations (and so might be affecting your business too) which in this article let us call out and take some steps to provide a meaningful change:

CX Problem #1

Gawky legacy systems hold your team back



Indeed, your old CRM software might render a bit of information on which consumer bought what product, but traditional CRM technology totally lacked the ability to provide an overall profile of the attitude and emotions of the customers.

Therefore, it can be that even after you buy CRM that incorporates the updated present-day technology, the ‘old way’ can hang on, since your employees might not use the new easy to use CRM in the way they are intended, and rather rely on what worked for your employees even before.

 This is because if your new easy to use CRM fails to provide value to your employees, they simply will not use it at all.

CX Problem #2

Your brand’s customer focus is only limited to customer-facing roles



It is very obvious that employees in any business who have settled into a fixed routine do not like it when you add customer-focused tasks to their works.

Now, it is very easy for an accounts payable rep or an HR manager to believe that they do not have to concern themselves with newly-introduced innovative CX ideas like “customers are #1!” or “think like a customer” since they think that these new-fangled propositions do not help much.
Moreover, if you ask these routine-followers in your company to add something like “Journey Mapping” exercise or make them respond to customer feedback there might just be a mutiny.

This is because change is hard for humans, especially altering perspectives from old school business to a customer-centric organization that implies managing change for the people who work in your company.

CX Problem #3

Organizational culture and systems cannot be altered



In the past, businesses often had a “CYA” culture, which we are sure you must have heard as a reminder to “Cover Your A**”.

Therefore, in this type of old school business culture where everyone is out to protect themselves from being punished or blamed, results in creating an environment that lacks honest feedback about both the customer experience and employee experience, since in this type of work culture  employees are too scared to mention how thing might improve because they fear offending someone.

Now if your boss or employer is quick to punish and blame, it is hard to raise your hand and report how your business website’s redesigning is not working for the customers.

However, in a customer-centric culture understanding the requirement for making constant improvement is highly valued.

Hence it is not a small feat shifting your business from the old way to a new, which implies creating an entirely new value set for your whole organization.

CX Problem #4

Internal and external communications are unclear



Take up the challenge, sit down and without many thoughts write a list of all the acronyms, terms, and phrases that require an explanation from prospective leads and customers.

This is because you should never fool yourself by thinking that what you say “inside” your organization does not eventually get outside while your employees communicate with their prospects and customers.

Hence start seeking out better ways to communicate and make it a rule not to allow sending emails and letters to your customers that include business jargon and have coded meanings.

CX Problem #5

The amount of work to build meaningful change is overwhelming



Once you use a business growth technology you will find that there are so many customer personas and segments, so many customer journeys, leaders in your company will naturally become overwhelmed and paralyzed even at the very thought of undertaking such a task, especially at an old school organization.

Therefore, instead of giving it up, take the step to begin by creating a journey map of just one experience.

Maybe it is the journey of one of your prospects paying a bill or signing up for a service online, nevertheless, take this as an opportunity to walk in your customer’s shoes and observe your findings.

We have seen that there usually ways to improve the Customer Experience of your brand that you can make happen quickly.

Hence start with small wins to build up the big ones.

CX Problem #6

We do not advocate for customers



Ironically, in every customer experience conversation in their planning stages the simple act of asking “how does it relate to our customer experience?” is often overlooked by many.

Hence assign a customer advocate in all your meetings, since if the customer is not on the agenda, it is up to a Customer Advocate to add them there and make sure that your business roadmap leads to a better outcome for your customers.


Brands need to move to become more customer-focused nowadays in order to beat the competition and it is truly a lot harder to shift than we think.

Nevertheless, as the adage goes “sometimes we need to take two steps back to move forward one step” and so if your business has already attempted retrofitting CX and have failed to move forward, it does never mean that you should stop trying, rather it implies you have to fight harder to do so, since in the modern times for any brand Customer Experience is the golden key to consistent revenue, sales, and business growth.

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