Significant Facts about Composite Resin Bonding

Significant Facts about Composite Resin Bonding

Cosmetic bonding is one of the best solutions for a healthy smile without any second thought. Different types of bonding procedures are available today among which a prominent one is composite resin bonding.

Cosmetic bonding is a fast and minimally invasive option. Besides, it is an inexpensive option for the beautiful smile you desire. But, before going through this process, you need to understand a few facts about this process.

What is Cosmetic Resin Bonding?

Cosmetic resin bonding is a type of cosmetic technique in which cosmetic resin is shaped and molded on your teeth, and it is done to give an appearance of straighter, whiter and smile. It is widely used as a cosmetic solution to gapped teeth, chipped teeth and staining in all types of teeth and fillings.

Cosmetic Resin Bonding Can be Accomplished in a Single Visit

Only one appointment is required for the resin bonding on the contrary to veneer placement, which can take three or more visits.

Is Cosmetic Resin Bonding Available for Everyone?

As a matter of fact, it depends upon the type of dental problem you have. If you have a crooked smile due to over-bite or under-bite, then this treatment is not a correct option for you. In such a case, you need to consult your dentist in order to get the right treatment. For chewed, chipped or discolored teeth, cosmetic resin bonding is appropriate.

About Safety and Efficiency of Composite Resin Bonding

According to American Dental Association (ADA), composite bonding is a safe and effective technique, which was developed more than 50 years ago, and for over three decades, it has become widely available. Today, filling and procedures have become very efficient, which make it easier for you as well as your dentist.

How the Treatment Is Accomplished?

The treatment itself is often started with the removal of some surface enamel. It allows the dentist to perfectly shape the composite resin to your tooth. This step is followed by the application of the bonding agent.

Thereafter, your dentist adds the composite resin and cures it with a special light followed by finishing by polishing your teeth. Since a high level of technique is involved in this process for natural mold and shape, it is best to work for those dentists who are experienced and who have the specialty in this area.

Care Needed After the Procedure

The composite material used today is durable enough to last without regular attention with normal care. You don’t have the need to go through the special visits and maintenance by the dentists.

Still, you should give some care to your teeth after the compose resin bonding procedure. You should make sure to keep your regular dental checkup and daily oral care a priority. The regular dental checkup will allow you to detect any trouble in-between and to take the necessary action.

Besides, use the medicated toothpastes and mouthwashes. They can improve gum strength by 45% for those who find the gumline tougher to maintain after the bonding procedure. Also, avoid hard foods or ice in order to prevent cracking. 

Advantages to Composite Resin Bonding

There are numerous advantages offered by composite resin bonding. Some of the prominent benefits include:

  • Hide Dental Flaws: Tooth bonding is able to fix dental imperfections, which are common to many people. It covers cracks and chips from accidents or injuries; whitens stains caused by smoking; and hides a number of more imperfections.
  • Replace Amalgam Fillings: Composite resins are perfect for replacing the silver fillings, whose appearances are criticized by many.
  • Safe and Fast Procedure: Composite resin bonding is safe as compared to other procedures, and it can be accomplished in a single visit for a normal correction. It takes a maximum of around one hour. More than one visit is only recommended for more extensive correction.
  • Affordable Option: As compared to other surgeries and procedures, tooth bonding is a much affordable option.

Apart from the above-mentioned ones, one more advantage is that you get a perfectly sculpted tooth with uncanny enamel-like color and quality, apart from getting your teeth repaired.

To Sum Up

If you are interested in having a brighter smile, there are a number of dental services available and composite resin bonding is unquestionably a wonderful option among all of them. You need to be sure to take care of your other oral necessities first for ensuring a natural healthy smile. After that, contact an expert dentist or a dental firm and go for accomplishing the tooth bonding procedure.

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