Sharpen your CRM into a Tool that Sellers Need for Rapid Business Growth

Sharpen your CRM into a Tool that Sellers Need for Rapid Business Growth

Be it Salesforce or any other Salesforce Alternative CRM solutions customer relationship management software has never been popular with sales teams.

Now, it is easy to see why: CRM software solutions were never built with the seller’s requirements in mind, and so salespersons most often see CRM as a time-consuming data storage that steals valuable time away from selling.

Nevertheless, now we have entered a new era of Big Data and AI (Artificial Intelligence) where CRM solutions can be a rich repository of data and with the right technology afford deeper insights to drive sales enablement.

Modern easy to use CRM solutions nowadays seize details which relate to (or create motivations around) the underlying vital factor ‘Seller Behavior’- that generates better results in sales.

This is because, with the right change in both workflow management and utilization, modern all-in-one CRM systems can become a robust data-driven weapon in the battle for legacy and new customers.

According to research on the utility of this software in businesses, it has been observed that not only every dollar spent on easy to use CRM systems, earns approximately $9 as an ROI, but it also boosts sales up by nearly 29 percent.

But CRM software is not a magic wand, and so it requires to be paired with an established methodology that aids sellers with the proper framework to assail sales, which even includes providing guidance to sales reps when to take a specific action.

Now, this is really surprising that according to research it has been stated that approximately 81 percent of businesses (especially startups and SMBs) lacks a dynamic sales program that promotes this kind of seller behavior.

So, how are sellers using modern day CRM software supposed to grow and thrive?


To turn easy to use CRM system into a sales-generating weapon, businesses must merge sales methodology with analytics and data collected in the CRM database. A combination that results in finding key insights into the competitive positioning of your offerings, viewing buyer-influence patterns, and the likelihood of winning sales with specific behaviors of the consumers.

Therefore, when these happen, plain-vanilla CRM turns to an interactive resource that is capable of informing sellers about the best possible move to close any deal.

In a gist, when you "weaponize" easy to use CRM systems, sellers can:

  • Maximize the time needed for interacting with present and prospective customers to find more business.
  • Strategically find the best customers to engage them into a co-marketing partnership.
  • Use qualitative information and data to better perceive which messages resonate the best with your prospective and present customers.
  • Inspire buyers by sharing relevant information, instead of just regurgitating contents that can be easily found online.
  • Think in a holistic manner, rather than attacking consumers with non-connected programs.

A “weaponized” easy to use CRM is also a boon for sales managers, as it provides a glimpse into the sales rep’s activities and actions that allows managers to:

  • Incessantly analyze the behaviors of the sales reps that drives results, thereafter understand the key traits that aid the best sellers to succeed, and spread that knowledge to the rest of the reps in their sales team.
  • Consider both performance and talent, since modern all-in-one CRM systems allow sales managers to view sales rep’s funnels alongside talent assessment metrics, for gaining better insights into what that makes the sales reps tick.

Hence, pairing technology with sales methodology creates a holistic and symbolic relationship between analytics and the sellers, since the more sellers engage themselves with their CRM; the software provides the sellers with more value for generating additional revenue.

In fact, it is more important than ever in modern times to proactively take up a CRM-focused culture in organizations as it is a major part of a key industry shift.

This is because, while in the past the champions in sales had high EQ (Emotional Quotient) and therefore possessed perseverance, grit, and natural ability to read their consumer’s minds, in the present times best salespersons should develop cognitive ability to educate their prospective buyers from a perspective which instead of just pitching for an offering inspires sales in the mind of the purchasers, whereby data-driven customer insights from a “weaponized” and easy to use CRM is the science behind that inspiration.


Therefore, this new era makes it more important that sellers must adopt sales methodology and follow the direction that enhanced CRMs, be its Salesforce for enterprises or Salesforce Alternative CRM software solutions for startups and small businesses deliver to the users of the software.
Since when sellers juxtapose winning sales methodology alongside CRM data into their selling behavior, sellers can easily gain a fair advantage, which is the ultimate weapon for closing deals.

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