Several Reasons Why Your Engine is Making a Ticking Sound

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At some point, engines are bound to start making noises. There are several components and parts found inside an engine. Some noises aren’t loud while others can be annoying. One such instance is when you start hearing a ticking noise. There are several reasons that can cause an engine to make a ticking noise. Some causes can be low oil levels, loose components and more. You can hear these noises while your car idles, accelerates or slows down. Here are a few reasons you might hear a clicking or ticking noise in your engine.

Problems with Alternating Elements

If there’s a ticking noise in the engine, chances are it has to do with an alternating part rather than one of the rotating components. Some of these alternating elements can include spigot, pushrods or pistons. If any of these become worn over time or damaged, ticking noises may be heard. These components should be fixed in a timely manner by a certified mechanic to prevent further damage or to prevent the noise from accelerating to a whining or clunking noise.

Depleted Motor Oil Levels

When you’re running low on oil, ticking noises can be heard. This is because essential internal parts aren’t lubricated anymore. You may have low oil levels due to a leak. There can be worn out gaskets or other seals. Either way, your motor will become overheated if you have low motor oil levels. Oil helps to keep your motor cool. Therefore, ticking noises can be a sign of this issue.

Knocking Rods

If your bearings have started to go bad, this can be another reason you hear ticking noises from your engine. This can happen from worn out bearings as it causes rods to move around. Rods that move around cause ticking noises. Temperature levels won’t change but you’ll notice your engine’s RPMs will. Having an auto mechanic rebuild your motor from scratch is the only real fix if this is the case and this can be costly.

Bad Fuel Injector Mechanisms

If there is to be a cause for a ticking engine, the least serious and least expensive to fix is a faulty fuel injector device. Some vehicles have fuel injection systems that will cause ticking noises if the fuel injector starts firing. Basically, injector spigots open and close rapidly allowing the right amount of fuel to enter the combustion section. This noise isn’t anything to panic about as it’s just normal operation of the car.

Spigots That Aren’t Configured Correctly

If your spigot train isn’t adjusted, you’ll notice ticking noises in your engine. This should be checked first before you jump the gun. Spigots open and then close once your engine starts to spin. The rocker arm, which is what’s responsible for opening and closing these spigots. There’s a camshaft that contains a pushrod that has control over the rocker arm which needs to be an exact distance away from the spigot. Because these spigots move fast and at short distances, if they aren’t right components start making ticking noises.

Leak in the Exhaust Manifold

If your car begins to make ticking noise while idling and while accelerating, it can be the exhaust manifold. This can happen from exhaust gases leaking at a high pressure from a ruptured or leaking gasket. This can also happen from a leak in the manifold. While you can still drive your car and this isn’t a serious issue, it should still be addressed to prevent and excess in leaking of these gases.

Spark Plugs

If you have cracked or loose spark plugs this can be another reason you hear ticking noises in the engine. When your engine is cooled off, consider checking the state of your spark plugs. If you notice any cracks, replace them right away. Wiggle plugs after removing the wire to see if they move. If they move, you need to tighten them up. In some cases, the torquing might be off. You’ll have to re-install it if this is the case.

It can be hard to pinpoint what can cause ticking engine noises. If you aren’t experienced, consider taking your car to the professionals to let them examine and fix any issues.

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