Selecting The Right Earrings for Your Face Shape

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Just as a particular hairstyle can help or hinder your appearance based on your face shape, so to can the earrings you choose.

The importance of earrings

Before we delve into which earrings best suit you, it’s important to understand why earrings are so crucial. Having been worn by different cultures and civilisations for thousands of years, earrings remain a fundamental item of jewellery to this day. Unlike engagement rings, pendants or bangles, earrings help to enhance your face, while improving your overall appearance as well.


If you have a round face shape, it’s important that you don’t choose an earring style that widens the face shape even more, such as large hoop earrings or small studs. The aim is to select earrings that help lengthen the face, such as dangle and drop earrings. Angular earring styles also help to offset the fullness of a round face.


An oval face shape is often considered to be the ideal shape, as it is the most versatile shape, allowing women to essentially wear whatever style of earring they desire, without the fear of it adversely affecting their appearance. As virtually all styles of earring compliment an oval shaped face, take the time to see which styles you prefer the most.


Out of all the face shapes, square faces can be among the most difficult to work with. The aim of the earrings here is to reduce the prominence of the angular features of the face while drawing the eye away from the width of the jaw and forehead. There are a number of suitable styles that can achieve this, including hoop, circle and ball earrings. In addition to these, drop earrings and other similar styles also work a treat. Be sure to steer clear of any styles that accentuate the squareness of your face, such as square-shaped earrings and small studs.


This face shape is characterised by its long and narrow dimensions, so the ideal earring style needs to create a sense of width. Seek to highlight your cheekbones through the use of spirited and sprightly earring designs. Smaller styles such as studs are a good way to achieve an understated look, while larger designs will help to create a more striking appearance.

Avoid the use of large, overbearing styles which have the tendency to further diminish the width of your face. Like round and square faces, drop earrings work well for those with oblong shaped faces. Earring styles that have significant size and substance about them can be used to great effect to help create the illusion of a fuller, wider face.


The diamond shaped face is defined by a slender forehead and chin, along with wide cheeks. It’s a shape of great contrast that requires earring designs that help create a sense of equilibrium. Pearl baubles and small studs are a great way to obtain a refined and sophisticated look. If you wish to lengthen the appearance of your face, do so using drop earrings. Avoid wearing cumbersome earring styles or dangles.


Heart shaped faces are categorised by broad foreheads, prominent cheekbones and narrow chins. Petite sized dangle and drop earrings perfectly enhance the appearance of those with such a face shape.


The rectangle shaped face shares similar traits to the square and oblong faces. It’s not quite as long and narrow as the oblong, but more slender than the square. The ideal earrings for those with rectangular shaped faces are hoop and elliptical shaped designs. Avoid angular styles in favour of smoother contours. Similar to the oval-shaped face, those with rectangular shaped faces are afforded plenty of choices when it comes to earring styles.

Having trouble deciding which style of earrings are perfect for your face shape? Get in touch with your local jeweller.

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