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Russian male names in the usual sense are familiar names that come to us from the centuries, which were not affected by foreign influence and neoplasms. However, in this article, we provide only male Russian names of the pre-Christian period. Before the rebirth of Russia, people were given nicknames. 

Ordinary people used collective nouns taken from everyday life as a name: Brave, Big, Dare, First, Wolf, Birch. Representatives of the nobility preferred the two first names: Tikhomir, Ratimir, Slavomir, Boguslav, Vseslav. 

At first, the new Christian names were unknown to the Slavic ear, and their meaning was unclear. Therefore, until the 18th century, human names were used in parallel with baptismal names, and many of the church names changed significantly, adapting to live Russian speech. So the biblical names sounded like Erem or Ermey, Diomede - Demid, John - Ivan, Sergius - Sergey got popular that period. At that time in Russia, names for boys could be quite unusual:

Warlen (the vast army of Lenin)
Vector (great communism triumphs)
Vilen (Vladimir Ilyich Lenin)
Jaurès (last name of the French socialist)
Zarez (for the Republic of Soviets)
Idle (Lenin's ideas)
Ismat (historical materialism)
Kim (Communist Youth International)
Marlene (Marx and Lenin) and many others

Beautiful Male Names

Currently, Russian names for boys are very different, and their list is practically unlimited. Modern parents can call a child by name. Usually, Russian names for boys are selected from several sources, these are:

Church ministry
Fund of names of ancient Slavic origin
Names of other nations

Most often, boys choose beautiful Standard names that have a familiar sound and are filled with a favorable meaning. For example Andrey (courageous), Alexander (defender), Boris (wrestler), Victor (winner), Vladimir (possess, power), Igor (army, strength), Konstantin (constant, persistent), Maxim (the greatest), Michael (equal to God), Nikita (to win), Oleg (sacred), Peter (stone, rock), Sergey (clear). 

The fashion for courageous Old Russian names is being renewed: Yaroslav (ardent, glory), Svyatoslav (holy glory), Ratibor (warrior), Mstislav (glorious avenger). Names for boys in Russia are quite international. Once the rare titles that came from other languages, few people are already surprised. Among the Russians, you can meet Garik and Eduard, Hamlet and Max, Raphael, and Eldar.

Modern Russian Male Names

Recently, the male Russian names are experiencing significant changes. Michael, Alexander, George turn into Michael, Alex and George, and Maxim into Max.

The list of names for boys as the last year's Russian ratings are as follows:


The following alphabetical names are also popular:


What if you got twins?

The Best Modern Russian Names for Boys

Augustus is majestic, high, holy

Avdei is a servant of the God Yahweh, priest

Averky - Flight

Avery - taking flight, unbeaten 

Auxentius - growing

Autonomously - independent, own law 

Agape is a favorite

Agathon - virtuous, noble

Haggai - solemn, festive, ve 

Adam - created from the dust of the earth

Adrian - strong, mature

Azariah - God's help

Alexander is the defender

Alex - defend

Ambrose - belonging to the immortal, god 

Amos - laden, carrying a burden

Ananias - marked by the grace of God

Anatoly - East

Andrey - courageous, brave

Andrian - daring, brave

Andron - bold, brave

Andronic - the winner of husbands

Aniki - historically established name

Ankita - invincible

Anisim - execution, completion

Antip - the enemy

Apollinaris - to destroy

Apollo - destroy

Arius - vital

Aristarchus - leader of the best

Arkady - a native of Arcadia

Arseny - courageous, exalted

Artem - perfect health

Artemy - unharmed, healthy

Arkhip - head over the horses

Askold - The Golden Voice (This one is one of the most beautiful russian male names)

Athanasius - the immortal

Athenogenes - a descendant of Athens

Bazhen - welcome, beloved

Bogdan - given by the gods

Boleslav - big glory

Boris is a fighter, warrior

Borislav is a glorious warrior

Boyan is a fighter, violent

Bronislaw - a noble defender

Vadim - slander

Valentine - strong, healthy

Valery - to be reliable, healthy

Valerian - to be safe, healthy

Bartholomew - son of Tolman

Basil is the king

Wenceslas - great fame

Benedict - Blessed

Benjamin is the son of the right hand (right hand)

Vincent is the winner

Victor is the winner.

Vissarion - wooded gorge, valley

Vitaliy - vital

Vladimir - own power

Vladislav - own power

Vlas - sluggish, slow

Vsevolod - own

Vyacheslav - glory

Gabriel is my power

Gavrila - the divine warrior

Galactic - milk

Gideon is a warrior

Gennady - noble

George - landowner

Gerasim - the venerable

Herman - a half-blood

Gleb - a block

Gordey - on behalf of the Phrygian king

Gregory - peppy

Guri - Lion Cub

David is a favorite

Daniel is my judge

Dementium - taming, pacifying

Demid - Zeus thought

Demian - conquering

Denis is the God of the vital forces of nature, the God 

Dmitry - related to Demeter

Dorotheus - God's gift

Eugene - noble

Evgraf - well-written, well-written

Evdokim - glorious

Eulampius - Radiant

Eusebius - Pious

Eustathius - Sustainable

Eustigney is a good sign

Egor - a farmer

Elizar - God helped

Elisha - saved by God

Emelyan - flattering

Epiphanes - a prominent, noble

Jeremiah - Exalted by God

Yermil - forest

Yermolai - people and Hermes

Erofei - sanctified by God

Yefim - the pious

Ephraim - prolific

Zahar - a memorial to God

Zinovy - born of Zeus

Zosima - going on a journey

Ivan - God has mercy

Ignatius - unknown, unknown

Igor - the army, power

Ishmael - God will hear

Isot - life-giving, life-giving

Izyaslav - earned fame

Illarion - cheerful, joyful

Ilya - the fortress of the Lord (One of the most famous russian boy names)

Innocent - innocent, immaculate

Joseph - God's reward

Ipat - the highest

Hypatius is the highest

Hippolytus - the unloading horse

Heraclius - the illustrious hero

Isaiah - Salvation

Isidore - a gift from Isis

Casimir - show peace

Callistrath is a beautiful warrior

Karl - the bold

Carp - fruit

Kasyan - empty

Kim is the abbreviation for "communist ...

Cyrus - master, lord

Cyril - master, lord

Claudius - Lame

Clementius - master, Lord

Klim - vine

Clement - gracious

Kondrat - quadrangular

Kondratius - a spear-carrying warrior

Konstantin - persistent, constant

Roots - horn or dogwood berry

Cornell - horn

Cornelius - Dogwood

Kuzma - the world; decoration

Laurel - laurel tree, laurel vein

Ladislav - good fame

Longin - long

Luke - the light

Lukan - the light

Luchezar - glowing, radiant

Lubomir - a loving world

Makar - blessed, happy

Maxim is the largest, greatest

Maximilian - the greatest

Marian Sea

Mark - hammer

Martyn - dedicated to Mars, warlike 

Matvey is a man of God

Methodius - watching, searching

Mechislav - a glorious sword

Hope you like this list of Russian male names. Feel free to add your favorite names in the comment section.

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