Risks and Recommendations of Contact Lenses

Risks and Recommendations of Contact Lenses

When it comes to contact lenses, there are many recommendations that opticians will give you to ensure that all risks of eye infection, etc. are completely minimized. While the use of contact lenses is still a little less than spectacles, they have definitely grown in popularity as the freedom they offer those with visual impairments is so much more than traditional glasses. Keep reading to discover some recommendations for the proper use of contact lenses in order to minimize any risks.

Did you know that recent studies have shown that 40-60% of contact lens users do not follow contact lens care instructions properly? By doing this they’re putting their eyes at risk of developing a number of different eye infections and even causing lasting eye damage! While traditional glasses don’t require much effort and care which makes them popular for eye care, you cannot afford to not look after your contact lenses with a greater level of care as they can very seriously impair your visual health - temporarily and in the long run too!

All opticians keep reminding those that wear contact lenses to wash their hands with soap and water thoroughly and dry them with a clean cloth before handling contact lenses. By doing this simple and rather obvious step you’ll ensure that no germs are transferred from your hands to the lenses and then invariably into your eyes!

Once you buy contact lenses you will also be told to avoid exposing your lenses to water as the water contains bacteria and microbes which can cause a serious eye infection! Also, in the case of soft contact lenses, exposure to water can result in the shape of the lens being altered which can cause significant damage to the cornea too. With this in mind, it’s important for contact lens users to remove their contact lenses prior to swimming, showering, getting into a Jacuzzi or anything else that would expose their lenses to water!

Sleeping with contact lenses - is this ok? Most certainly not! This is another bad habit that should be avoided at all costs - unless you’re specifically told you can do so by a doctor! By sleeping with your contact lenses you will cause a lot of discomfort to your eyes and on a more serious note, any type of lens can increase your risk of developing a corneal infection (microbial keratitis ) by anywhere between four to five times!

It’s important to remember that disposable contact lenses are not meant to be worn through the night. They have been designed to be worn daily, but not through the night and must be stored properly when not in use. Another way that most people develop eye infections is by not storing their contact lenses properly. Contact lenses should be kept clean at all times if they are going to be used for several days at a stretch and should be cleaned using a contact lens disinfecting solution - never water or saliva! The same is true for the case that the lenses are stored in too!

An important to remember is that when you’re storing your contact lenses it should always be stored in the correct case, using the specific solution that has been recommended by opticians. It’s important to stick to this recommended solution as it based specifically according to your eyes and your medical history. Don’t forget that you should not store it in the water at any cost!

When it comes to eye care, these are some of the most popular tips for ensuring you don’t jeopardize the health of your eyes by not following proper care for your contact lenses! If you follow the above-mentioned tips, you’re sure to be able to stay clear of any eye infections!

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