Restaurant Special Deals Give an Impetus to Sales

Restaurant Special Deals

Deals are something that every consumer looks for. Whether it is a clearance sale at your local fashion shop or a free coke with a movie, deals and discounts are a surefire way to grab eyeballs. Modern buyers have become conscious about every penny they spend. Though spending power has increased among the urban youth, brand consciousness, market perception and a sense of value for money has increased equally.

One sector that offers a lot of deals is the hospitality sector. Restaurant special deals are very popular in Indian cities. Newspapers are flooded with advertisements regarding discounts, free meals, contests with a chance to win goodies etc. The fondness for dining out is a new cultural change that has swept across urban India. However, that does not stop foodies from worrying about the pocket pinch. Everyone is on the lookout for a little something that not only saves some hard earned cash but also shows that the business cares for its patrons.

The Market

Vigilant consumerism and the proliferation of the internet have lead to entrepreneurs becoming more resourceful and adopting newer marketing tactics. How many times have we tried a new restaurant without first looking up its review online? How many times have we asked a friend or a colleague to let us know what they feel about the new neighborhood spa?

Businesses know that one disgruntled reviewer can cause havoc. There are several portals online that offer goodies for restaurant reviews. Food bloggers often offer educated but honest opinions on restaurants and caterers. The market is competitive and a little discount goes a long way in creating a new customer base and also to hold on to existing customers.

Kinds of Restaurant Special Deals

Some typical deals that restaurants offer are:

1.    Discount on the second meal/second visit
2.    Kids eat free
3.    Slashed prices on certain menu items
4.    Slashed prices on entire menu on a weekday/weekend
5.    Free gifts/toys with meals
6.    Discount coupons from online portals
7.    Discount coupons for portal reviewers
8.    Complimentary meals with other services in hotels
9.    Special corporate discounts
10.    Discounts on bulk orders and/or catering orders
11.    Loyalty programs

How deals help

Whether you like Mediterranean or Chinese or like the occasional pizza, every restaurant in town has jumped onto the special deals bandwagon. Discounts help restaurants create a consumer base. It also builds loyalty amongst customers as they are wary of leaving a friendly restaurant that has been pampering them with discounts. It makes the customer feel important and valued as a patron.

Deals and discounts help businesses in several discreet ways also. Consider for example the pizza joints that offer discounts on takeaway or home delivered food only. If you choose to dine in the restaurant you will not be able to avail of the discount. This helps the store keep itself less crowded and clutter-free without affecting its business. The convenience of home delivered food coupled with a discount is often too much to resist!

Deal Sites

Deal sites have become very common on the internet and have become a new way of finding and availing of restaurant special deals. These sites benefit both the merchant and the consumer. The consumer is assured of good offers without having to fine comb through options throughout the city. The merchant gets some much needed publicity by forfeiting a fraction of his/ her profit margins. With competition from large corporates and restaurant chains mom and pop shops are more than eager to go the deal site way where they do not need to do anything except agree to the terms of the deal site.


Though modern consumers are educated and vigilant about the market and about money, it is good to reiterate that deals are not the only deciding factor for a dining choice. The quality of a restaurant can only be judged by its food, service and ambience.

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