Reasons Why You Need to Replace Your Blinds with New Ones

Reasons Why You Need to Replace Your Blinds with New Ones

Choosing new blinds and shutter in the market for your home can be exciting and chances are that you want to keep them for a few years. In fact, most window coverings have a useful life span of five to ten years and although investing in blinds or even PVC plantation shutters in the market is a great way to add an element of sophistication to your interiors, signs that you may need to purchase replacements for your previous blinds will show up. However, before you decide to flip through the various new design catalogs of blinds and shutters, you may want to ask yourself a few questions like - should you repair or replace your old blinds? Are your old window blinds worth repairing? What is the best way to replace and should it be done all at once?

Here are some signs that you may notice over time, which are great reasons to decide to replace your existing blinds!

Warped or Bent Slats

If you’ve got faux wood or real wood blinds chances are that sunlight may have warped your faux wood blinds and the humidity damage the real wood ones! Instead of wood if you enjoy aluminum blinds then it may have fallen prey to little hands and furry friends and ended up bent out of shape!

Blinds Are Difficult or Impossible To Raise

Is lifting your blinds difficult or impossible? This could be due to 2 reasons - The lifting mechanisms of your blinds could be damaged and close to breaking or your blinds may have been too wide so the cords and mechanisms cannon adequately support the weight of the blinds. Whichever reason may be behind it is difficult to lift your blinds this is a definite sign your blinds need replacing! You could even try PVC plantation shutters in the market or maybe panel glides in the market!

Blinds Slats Don’t Close Tightly

If your slats do not close as tightly as they used to or you have to twist your tilt wand numerous times to get your slats to move or even if they don’t move at all then it is best to look into replacing the entire set as replacing specific parts can be costly.

Are The Slats Discolored Or Faded?

Although over time a slight discoloration or fading is bound to appear in most blinds due to prolonged exposure to the sun. However, if the discoloration is severe then it could be due to the decoration of the material. Make sure to select blinds and shutters in the market that offer protection from UV rays when replacing the existing blinds!

Worn or Frayed Cords

Blind cords may fray and wear out from prolonged use and can be quite dangerous if you have kids at home! The degradation of the cords can cause them to break or fall next time you touch them. You could try purchasing new blinds or maybe even panel glides in the market that does not require cords the next time around!

Just a few of these reasons are good enough to decide to replace your blinds. Sometimes it may not have anything to do with the above reasons! As years go by interior trends are updated. The same way you would update the color of the walls or the curtains you may also feel it is time to upgrade to newer versions of blinds! You may have even recently installed new windows and you want to replace the entire collection of blinds you have! Either way, maintaining your blinds is a great way to set the tone for a modern elegant interior!

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