Reasons Why Small Businesses And Startups Need A Complete CRM For Business Growth

Reasons Why Small Businesses And Startups Need A Complete CRM For Business Growth

In modern times the small businesses and startups are thriving and there is nothing more overwhelming to find a small business grown and prosper amid the giants.

Nevertheless even until recent times small and medium businesses have lacked reasonable access to businesses growth technology and tools like the best small and medium business CRM software solutions and with it marketing automation systems that can aid small businesses to evaluate and use real results for streamlined yet more complex and intricate business processes.

Now, this is because even though robust CRM platforms like Salesforce and marketing automation solutions previously existed for large enterprises they were not scalable and easy to use CRM platforms and even carried steep price tags with cumbersome implementation and on-boarding strategies which proved to be a big barrier for SMBs.

Now while these pain-points still continue to exist even today, nevertheless within the last few years we have observed a growing trend towards the creation of more comprehensive Salesforce Alternative CRM platforms that have the capability to combine marketing, sales, support, and operations seamlessly.
Apart from this, these best small business CRM platforms have even proved to reduce the total cost of ownership of these business growth tools over the lifetime of the company’s relationship with their sales and marketing software, and so with the help of these latest business growth technology and tools small business and startups are now seeing solid growth which was previously not attainable.

In the past, while we have seen companies used to segregate their teams into water-tight departments like marketing, sales, customer service, finance and operations and so on, in today’s digital environment, this distinction between roles and responsibilities of the different departments (which once made sense) is outdated as an organizational structure today.

Hence due to this above-stated compartmentalization, software solutions were built to address the needs of a singular team in the past rather than being designed or to be functional for the organization as a whole.

For example, legacy CRM platforms were primarily used as a sales tool to helps sales reps store and manage their contacts, leads, prospects and customers, and so being a silo solution the information stored in these CRM applications were most often not shared with other departments like marketing or customer support.

Now, on the contrary to traditional approach to businesses as we presently acknowledge that data is king and the lifeblood of any organization, therefore proper interconnect data access is critical for business growth, as shared knowledge not only increases performance on individual levels, but it even brings success to small businesses in any organizational level which is just the requirement of most modern businesses.
Then, of course, we also have email marketing, which plays a significant role in any marketing automation strategy.

Now, there was a time in the past, when marketers were allowed to blast an email using the list of stored addresses in their easy to use CRM and voila, it was accepted as an effective marketing tactic followed by most businesses.

However, in modern times it is not anymore.

Nowadays consumers have become so desensitized to emails that to effectively generate leads and thereafter convert them to paying customers, brands need to accurately segment and hyper-personalized the email contents to make them even slightly effective, and so data is an integral part to reach this high level of personalization nowadays.

Therefore now businesses  (even small organizations and startups) need an easy to use CRM to manage their contacts and data, a marketing automation or an email marketing tool to manage their outbound messages and also a number of other tools like sign-up forms, social media landing pages, website tracking, campaign optimization platforms, and so on which naturally looks like a hefty investment in several disparate systems for finding business growth.

Now, this is exactly where the concept of an all-in-one software solution comes into play.

We say this because all-in-one CRM is a platform that can assimilate all the elementary business solutions a company requires into a universal and singular system to aid restructure and reorganize the journey of the customers and thereby, as a result, offer better and world-class customer experience that is most sought after by the modern consumers.

With a Complete CRM you not only have to invest in a single platform that reduces the cost involved for your businesses’ operations significantly, but it also opens up communications between departments and therefore makes a good ROI on your spending on the software more attainable within a shorter time.

Complete All-In-One CRM: Creates Enhanced Internal (and Customer) Experiences

In today’s business world marketing, sales and customer support all these departments combine to create an ideal customer experience, and so when these departments or systems are disjointed and are separated into watertight compartments, the experience of the customers also becomes wayward and disconnected, which in modern businesses is not accepted as an effective growth strategy anymore.

Hence companies today need a business growth solution that is not only going to be budget-friendly, but it must also deliver the results that the customer wants for remaining loyal and offering repeat business to the companies.

In fact, the idea of building an all-in-one or a Complete CRM is envisioned on integrating all the facets like sales, marketing, and customer support into one environment so that every team members is tied to the same information in the CRM database, with access to the most accurate and updated data they need to do their jobs more effectively.

This is the reason, an all-in-one CRM is a tool that is capable of streamlining not only your internal processes, but it even inspires interdepartmental collaborations, which drive both performance and productivity in a more effective and transparent way.

In a gist these are the five key results that happen when small business or startups integrate their marketing, sales and customer support data into one platform:

1. More Holistic Data

Gone were those days when you have to incessantly import and export data into different silo business software systems, since not only this is a time-sucking procedure, but doing so even opens your data up for errors and manipulations.

2. A 360-Deg View Of The Customers

Providing different departments access to your data give your employees a full view of how the leads or prospective customers engage with your brand. Therefore using an all-in-one CRM lets your employees see every touch-points of the contacts and thereafter offer them a product, and services according to their customized experiences based on each interaction stored in the CRM software’s database.

3. Less Money And Time Invested On Training And On-Boarding

Once you train and onboard your entire team onto one system, you need to invest considerably less in training and on-boarding costs which in the long run reduces expenditures needed for additional software management and supplementary pieces of training.

4. More Money Available For Marketing Budgets

The money that your small business saves from having to maintain multiple software systems can be put towards achieving business growth for boosting distribution of sales collaterals, marketing campaigns, branding events and more.

5. Better and faster ROI

Finally, by investing more in an all-in-one or Complete CRM tool, businesses can speed up their onboarding processes and also keep those costs low since using the best CRM for SMB that is an all-in-one solution makes it easier to see the true ROI a lot more faster than businesses can find by implementing multiple silo software systems in their company.


Hence, it can be easily said that small businesses have more opportunity than ever before nowadays, as access to more advanced and cutting-edge business growth technology solutions have not only allowed small businesses to play with their big brothers on a more level playing field, but Salesforce Alternative CRM solutions are nowadays so largely available at reasonable price that businesses no longer need to break their banks or lessen their productivity by investing in onboarding tools that may lead to bigger investments which are often far beyond the reach of small businesses in this competitive marketplace.

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