Promise Rings – Everything You Need to Know

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Promise rings are a tangible representation of devotion between couples at the beginning of a relationship. As the name implies, the ring is a promise that one person will love the other forever. It must be noted, however, that unlike an engagement ring, a promise ring does not indicate the person’s intention to marry the other.

Why promise rings are given

  1. The relationship has only just begun and while you feel that it is too premature for an engagement, you know in your heart that you wish to devote yourself to your partner for the long term.
  2. Despite longing to spend the rest of your life with the other, other commitments such as work or study may be in the way of a marriage at this time.
  3. You may feel that you are not quite ready to commit to marriage, for economic reasons.
  4. You may not have sufficient money at present to purchase an engagement ring that you feel your partner is worthy of

General rules

  1. Promise rings should only be given when you have a sincere desire for everlasting devotion.
  2. Prior to presenting the ring, be sure to clarify that is a promise ring, to prevent your lover from mistakenly believing that you’re proposing to them.

Does a promise ring need to be worn on the ring finger?

No. As a matter of fact, it’s typically worn on the other fingers, to prevent others from mistaking it for an engagement ring.

How much should you spend on a promise ring?

Although a promise ring will almost certainly be less expensive than the actual engagement ring, be mindful that your lover will hold it in the same regard and will most likely look to wear it at all times. For this reason, it should be suitably strong and resilient, able to endure the rigours of everyday use. As with any special gift for your partner, a general rule of thumb is to purchase the finest ring that you can realistically afford.

The styles

While promise rings should be overtly beautiful and accommodate the style of your lover, it’s a good idea to avoid buying a ring that is excessively lavish. Remember, they will most likely be wearing it all the time, just as they would with an engagement ring, so it needs to possess a refined beauty that will not clash their clothing.


Just as they are for engagement rings, solitaires are the style of choice for promise rings. With the classic look that never goes out of style, solitaire rings possess a sophisticated elegance that is perfect for all occasions.


Diamond cluster rings are a more cost-effective alternative to the traditional solitaire design. They’re less expensive, without sacrificing any of the beauty of pricier designs.

Gemstone rings

While diamonds have always been – and still are the most popular choice for promise and engagement rings, gemstone rings have emerged as an exciting contemporary alternative, in recent times. With so many striking jewels available, it’s not hard to see why their popularity has been steadily rising. However, if you are considering a gemstone promise ring, you must be careful to avoid buying a gemstone that is too fragile for everyday use, such as pearl or opal, which are far too prone to damage. Suitably durable gemstones include ruby, sapphire, amethyst, and topaz.

Which metal is the best?

For those who are going to be wearing the promise ring on a daily basis, it’s important that the metal band is tough enough to survive everyday activities, including being placed in soapy water when items are rinsed, contact with detergents, exposure to other agents such as cosmetics and the metal must also be able to withstand hot water, such as during a shower, example.

The strongest and most formidable metal available is platinum, but not surprisingly, it’s also the dearest. If platinum is a little too steep for your budget, then gold is a great alternative. Gold comes in a range of different colours to suit the personal tastes and styles of the wearer. Silver is also an option, but just be mindful that it’s not suitable for everyday wear.

Size does matter  

If you intend to keep the promise ring a secret before you unveil it to your partner, it’s important that you obtain the correct size. There are a number of ways to go about this, including:

  1. Search for ‘ring size chart’, ‘ring size guide’ on Google or download a ring size app from the iTunes apps store or Google Play.
  2. See if your partner’s friends can obtain this information for you

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