Preventive Measures For Blocked Stormwater Drain

Stormwater Drain

We often add up a lot of things on our to-do list, but we do not get time to complete those tasks unless it becomes necessary. A stormwater drain is one such thing that often makes it to our maintenance and cleaning to do list, but we cannot follow up until and unless there is any problem. There are certain indicators which you must not ignore in case of a blocked stormwater drain.

Here are some of the indications that you must not ignore:

  • Your gutters often overflow or back up?
  • During heavy rains does water pour off from the gutters?
  • Your stormwater drains are draining slowly?
  • Your stormwater drains are blocked regularly?
  • Stormwater grates are often covered with sticks, grass, leaves, mulch, etc.?

If any of the above-mentioned questions seem familiar to you, then it is high time for you to get alert. Here are some of the tips that can help you to maintain the blocked stormwater drain. All you have to do is prepare a preventive maintenance plan. For example:

Tips for helping you in maintaining the blocked stormwater drain:

Stormwater Drain

  • Mark a reminder for checking the gutters and downpipe once in a month. All you have to do is make any weekend for the maintenance of stormwater drain. You need to clean all the dirt, sticks and leaves accumulated so that it does not reach downpipe and block water from running down.
  • You must ponder on installing the gutter guards and should check once in a month. This will help you monitor the stormwater drain for any debris and dirt accumulation.
  • Inspect all the downpipes for any blockages. You can flush them out with a hose or call a local plumber for needed assistance.
  • Installing a leaf diverter is a smart move on the downpipes. It does not let stormwater drain block because of leaves and sticks fallen on the ground.
  • Installing filters on the stormwater grates also enable the debris, leaves, soil, dirt, dust, and other particles to enter in your stormwater drain.
  • Take preventive measures for not letting foreign object enter down the stormwater drain such as toys, building materials, tree roots, weeds, stones, and other such things.
  • Annually call the professionals to clear the accumulated debris with a hydro jet. Water jetting is the most effective way of cleaning the blocked drains.
  • If there is any slow draining from the gutters, stormwater drains, and downpipes, then you must call the experts to get it clean soon. This is the preventive measure for avoiding any blockage and saving time.
  • Do a quick check every week. Checking stormwater grates for any build up or debris is a great way to remove the debris entering the stormwater drain.
  • Not checking the stormwater drains timely may cost you in expensive repairs and removal of stormwater drains to replace it.
  • Always perform a stormwater drain check and inspection before the storm. It is best to go for the maintenance of stormwater drain before storms, after storms, windy days, and flooding times.
  • Do not forget to check the stormwater drains after Autumn season when trees shed their leaves and sticks that accumulates near the stormwater drains.

Following the preventive measures can enable you to have the smooth passage of stormwater and there will be no problem of drainage and water accumulation. The water clogging will not happen with these preventive measures during storm days.

So, these are the some of the preventive stormwater drain maintenance measures that you can follow. This will help you maintain the stormwater drain and avoid any problem to occur. Do not forget to check your stormwater drain during the start and end of the summer.

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