An Overview Of Regular Car Service And Maintenance

An Overview Of Regular Car Service And Maintenance

Purchasing a vehicle does not complete your task of owning a vehicle, because it needs to be maintained too in order to work properly. In order to avoid any kind of accidents or risking break downs that result in unexpected repairs and incurring expenses, regular car service is very important. It not only helps in the smooth running of the vehicle but also increases the fuel efficiency.

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There Are Five Major Advantages Of Having Regular Car Services:

  1. It improves the fuel economy
  2. It helps in reducing the engine wear and tear
  3. It helps in prolonging the engine life
  4. It helps in spotting any kind of safety issues
  5. It helps in maintaining the vehicle value

How Often Should You Go For Car Service?

Ignoring car maintenance in order to avoid expenditure will only increase the problems that are present in the car. Any car can suffer regular wear and tear which needs to be fixed at regular intervals to avoid any kind of repair or replacement that will require major expenditure. Service scheduling depends on the manufacturer of the car or the place from where it has been purchased.

Usually, there are two types of services related to car maintenance:

  1. Interim services that include the minor changes that are required in the car regularly, such as changing the oil filter, engine oil, the wheel nut torque, tyre pressure, improvement in clutch performance, the power steering tanks, the level of brake fluids, windscreen washer replacements, etc. These are all miscellaneous services that check the basic performance of certain vehicle parts. The interim car service is very important, because they can often help in spotting bigger problems. In case there is any bigger problem, the people who provide the services always inform the owners regarding the problem and regarding its urgency. It is up to the car owner to decide on whether they want to get the bigger problem fixed.
  2. The full service is a more complex servicing task, as it conducts additional checks that are not included in interim services. Since it takes longer to conduct a full service, the charge is also increased. These full services are not done as regularly as interim services, but must be done at least once a year or according to the schedule provided by the servicing stations.

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The Importance Of Regular And Timely Car Service

Among all the necessary service checks, the most important part is to change the car oil. Not changing the oil increases the build-up of sludge and prevents the correct lubrication of the engine. This can further result in severe engine failure which will culminate in expensive repairs. Saving money in the long term can only be done if small problems are solved as fast as possible.

Other than the scheduled car service, there are other times as well when the car must be taken for servicing.

  1. In situations when the car hasn’t been used for a long time
  2. In situations when the car is going to be taken for a long trip
  3. In situations when the car has undergone a long trip
  4. In situations when the car has been involved in any kind of accident

The most common mistake people do is not taking their car for servicing after keeping it idle for several days. The engine starts to deteriorate if the car is not used for a long period of time. When people decide to sell their vehicle after a certain period of use, keeping it in good condition helps in increasing the value of the car. So, don’t ignore the car service of your vehicle and get an appointment with your service centre today.

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