Non-Implantable Artificial Hearing Technology

Non-Implantable Artificial Hearing Technology

There have been so many advancements in the available designs of hearing aids and non-implantable artificial hearing technology has grown in leaps and bounds in an effort to improve the quality of life of those living with a hearing impairment! While the history of hearing aids span everything from acoustic, carbon and vacuum eras to now, digital hearing aids have become one of the most popular options to compensate for hearing loss. Keep reading to find out why!

Digital hearing aids are a far cry from the previous analog hearing aids that were commonly used! When you look back at the designs of hearing aids available earlier, you’ll find that most of them were bulky, unsightly devices that are uncomfortably placed behind the individual’s ears and would often emit painful feedback every time you were close to someone else! Thankfully with the advancements in the hearing industry, hearing aid professionals were able to analyses the issues faced by users and learn more about the workings of the inner ear to significantly improve the available designs to elevate the level of hearing services through the development of digital hearing aids.

While the previous analog hearing aids were an advancement from its predecessors, the technology of these devices only allowed basic amplification of sounds which resulted in a lot of background noise that meant it was still hard for users to have conversations and understand what others were saying clearly. To avoid the feedback-causing headaches and overall discomfort, many of those suffering from a hearing loss still opted to avoid wearing a hearing aid, even though they needed one as it just didn’t solve their problem!

Digital hearing aids brought the best advancement to the field of non-implantable artificial hearing technology and was the breakthrough that all those suffering from a hearing loss were hoping for! Using advanced technology, digital hearing aids could now reduce background noise by processing incoming sounds effectively and amplifying sounds correctly to ensure that users would be able to have conversations with others without experiencing any discomfort! Digital hearing aids also offer more customization and the process of being fitted for one always starts with a comprehensive hearing test that is conducted by a hearing professional to identify your unique hearing requirements. Once this has been done, your hearing professional will help you choose a specific digital hearing aid that will suit your unique requirements - for instance, if you’re in the corporate world an In-The-Ear (ITE) hearing aid may be the best option as it is very discrete!

After you have chosen the right digital hearing aid for your unique hearing impairment, your hearing aid will need to be fine-tuned by a professional who will carry out more advanced hearing tests and customize it using digital software to recognize only the pitches you can’t hear and amplify those sounds in an attempt to avoid feedback and minimize painful headaches that were common in analog hearing aids!

Most digital hearing aids can be charged and don’t require you to change batteries frequently - a common problem that hearing aid users faced in the past which was a real struggle for those with dexterity issues as the batteries were so small! Not only do digital hearing aid have better, more long-lasting batteries, but they are rechargeable and can be just charged overnight without having to be changed - such a simple, affordable and quick alternative to replacing batteries in hearing aids! To avoid having any faults with your hearing aid, make sure to always purchase your hearing aids from a reputable vendor that stocks premium quality brands such as Oticon and Starkey!

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