Network Connection Troubleshooting Tips for Roku Users


As the technology era continues to erupt, there is something enthralling that is erupting with it. And among those “Roku Streaming Media Player” is the best device which bombarded in this eruption. It is our duty to introduce this gem to people who don’t know it, as it has the capability to stream the top internet services. When you plug the Television set with this streamer, then you are able to access multifarious channels of your choice such as Hulu Plus, ESPN, Disney, UCTV, HBO, Netflix, National Geography, and more.

But sometimes the user can face the number of adverse situations associated with the device such as Roku setup issue, registration problem, login issue, occurring of error codes, but the most frustrating is the poor internet connection. In such case, you can rely on Roku technical support service. In this article, we are going to discuss some common problems occurred due to the poor internet connection and their troubleshooting tips. Let’s have a look at them:

Locate the router centrally

A properly placed router can make or break the things; it is advisable to place it either somewhere near to the wireless setup or in the center of the home. The benefit associated with it is, a router can dispense the wireless signals equally. It is better to dodge placing it with some other electronic device such as microwaves, and cordless phones as they can create intrusion and may violate the web signals.

Internet Speed

Internet speed is directly proportional to the streaming experience one will have. The faster your internet speed is the better streaming experience you will get. In order to achieve the best viewing results, it is wise to have a minimum speed of 3.0 Mbps or 9.0 Mbps for SDTV or HDTV respectively.

Change the wireless channel

Are you living in the densest residential area? Then, it is obvious you will see other internet connection around you. To eliminate the disturbance creating by them, it is better to switch it up your broadcasting channel on channels like 1, 6, and 11.

A strong internet password

Keep the router password protected, so that no one can miss use or sucking up a whole data. There are numerous people in your neighbor who want to break the Wi-Fi account, so never use your name in the password, nor some other things which is related to you, as it might be easy to guess. Always use a strong password.

Do not connect the multiple devices

If you want to increase your available bandwidth, it is good to remove other devices (such as mobile phones, laptops, and PCs) which are connected to your internet.  If you are unable to perform this operation, you can take help from Roku support team.

Check your firmware periodically to boost performance

While using Roku software, you will get a pop-up message in the screen to update the firmware with the latest version. It helps to boost performance and security. So, it is wise to keep update your firmware periodically. Get more details on how to update your firmware from the official website of Roku.

Update your streaming player with newer version

If you have tried all the above tips and tricks but still do not get the satisfactory results then it’s time to update the streaming player in the newer version. A marketplace is full of numerous Roku devices such as Roku Express, Express +, Roku Ultra, and more. Buy the one which suits you best.

These are some of the tips and tricks which will help you to stream your favorite channels faster and smoother. Just follow these simple tips to create a reliable network on your own. If still, you are getting any connectivity issue, call Roku tech support team immediately. 

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