Microsoft Dynamics CRM Case Management Tips for 2018

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Case Management Tips for 2018

As the calendar changes, businesses look back on their journey and define their future goals for the coming year. If you want to propel your business towards success in this year, it all depends on our products and services. Exceptional customer service is an integral part of any business' success. And, customer services can be significantly improved with the use of a proper Customer Relationship Management software.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps businesses excel at their customer services through its case management software. Case management automation through Microsoft Dynamics CRM does not only help you in delivering exceptional customer service but also helps your customer service representative to solve cases better and faster.

Auto case creation and case routing rules are two of the key features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM's Case Management.

For the highest efficiency in case management, here are some tips and tricks you can follow-

  • Case routing rule LIMIT – According to the rule details, a case routing rule acts as a traffic manager and directs the created cases to other users, teams, groups, or anywhere else. Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows only one case routing rule to be active at any point. But, the key feature is that while only 1 rule is allowed, there can be multiple conditions.
  • Email-centric ticketing process – On the case form, at times, the original email can get lost owing to the noise on the activity pane. If the customer service agent wishes to respond to the original email directly, the task can be a hard one. To make it easier, a subgrid of email records can be added with a view that can be filtered to exclude emails from the account that is used to send the case notification emails upon any changes in the case. This way, the original emails can be located faster.
  • Conditional hierarchy in case routing – The ordering of items to keep the highest priority ones first is called as building a hierarchy. Conditional statements are the rules that lead to a specific action when a criteria is met. In a conditional hierarchy, we determine which condition is met first. The use of this feature allows for the execution of several rules on the basis of their hierarchy.
  • Routing rules – A routing rule should always be specified and activated as this is the logic set or condition or the direction in which the case should be moved. Routing rules in Microsoft Dynamics CRM let the system know where the case should be moved when it comes in.
  • Case creation rule owner – The default owner of the case is the owner of the case creation rule, and only a user of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system can become the owner. Therefore, a useful tip is to create a user for your support team in the system so that they can become the owner of cases.
  • Testing email routing – To test email routing, the Server Side Synchronization must be taken care of. To limit the issues that can arise from using an SSS, the “same day” or “close date” should be selected in the Advanced setting in the Email Server Profile before the profile or the SSS is enabled.
  • Importing existing cases – In order to avoid applying the routing rules to every case when multiple case records have to be imported, an additional column named “Route Case” must be created in the spreadsheet, and should then be populated against the fields with a yes or no according to the condition prior to import.

These are some quick tips about some common problems that customer service representatives face with a Microsoft dynamics company and that they can solve quickly.

Here, I share infographics related to Microsoft Dynamics CRM case management.

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