Methods for Testing Concrete Strength


Engineers are testing concrete strength on existing structures and on new structures while it is getting build. This is to make sure that the structure is used by high-quality concrete that will withstand lots of weight. So that everyday use can still be done, without putting the public at risk.

The interesting part is that they are using different methods to test concrete strength. They don’t just walk on the concrete and look for any faults, like cracks and places where the concrete might fall apart. They are using different methods for testing concrete. These are just a couple of the different ways that they are testing the strength of the concrete on construction sites.

Using a rebound hammer test

The first test is relatively easy and is done by a rebound hammer. A spring release mechanism is being used to slam a rebound hammer into the concrete. To see if the concrete will crack or break. This might be one of the easiest and fastest methods, but this isn’t the most accurate one.

Because of the age of the structure, the reinforcements, and other aspects, the results can be faulty. It can also mean that the structure can get damaged from the hammer test, by falling debris at the bottom of the structure. Especially on structures like a bridge.

Penetration Resistance Test

Also, a relatively easy test to do on-site, to find out the strength of the concrete, is the penetration resistance test. Here a pin is getting slammed into the concrete. The force that is needed to penetrate the concrete will determine the strength of the concrete.

However, multiple penetration resistance tests need to be done in order to get the best readings and accurate results. The problem here is that this is damaging to the structure and can’t be done on historical sites or relatively new sites, where the concrete isn’t completely solid.

Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity test

This is one of the best methods for testing the strength of the concrete. It can be done on-site and is non-destructive. Meaning that the engineers don’t need to damage the concrete or structure in order for them to test the strength accurately. They are making use of ultrasonic pulse velocity tests throughout the structure.

This gives waves throughout the structure, showing any cracks, visible and invisible to the naked eye. It will also show other structural problems that the engineers might not know about beforehand.

Pullout Test

The pullout test method is a destructive method where they need to pull a piece out of the structure in order to get it tested. A large number of different tests need to be done, in order to get an accurate reading.

After the tests are done, repairs and replacement of the concrete need to be replaced and put back, in a much better quality concrete.

Drilled Core

This isn’t one of the best and most popular techniques to use. Especially on existing structures and historical structures. It can be used on new constructions that are still being built.

With this test, a piece of concrete is getting removed from the structure and is getting tested in a lab. To make sure that there isn’t any sign of the concrete losing its durability and quality. The place where the piece of concrete was removed, needs to be repaired afterward, in order for the structure to be declared safe.

These are a couple of ways on how you can test any structure for concrete damage. Tests that need to be done; Concrete testing services are essential to make sure that the concrete on the structure is still in good condition.

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