Major Transitions That Will Simulate CX During This Crisis in 2020

Major Transitions That Will Simulate CX During This Crisis in 2020

Even though consumers across the globe have always expected dramatic improvement in CX (Customer Experience) for years now, however, the promises by brands and businesses in this regard have hardly come true.

According to a report published by Forrester on annual CX Index, it shows that there has been no growth in Customer Experience index between 2017-18 and after that, it grew only by 0.4% in the year 2019 as most brands on that index sat without any movements and hence failed to improve their scores.

Nevertheless, this year in 2020 is tipped to be a time when brands and businesses want to finally turn this around as several organizations are rallying their forces to transform CX on an enterprise-wide level since it is clear now that any business that is not having CX on their top priority list will be left to smolder in the dust.

It is a known fact that poor CX can (and will) make businesses lose their valuable customers.

According to the Customer Service Barometer study, done by American Express brands can risk losing as much as 33% of their customers just after a single bad experience of Customers Experience with the consumer of their offerings.

This is because, in this on-demand digital economy of the present times, Customer Experience has steadily evolved and has been forever on the rise, whereby it is expected that CX will very soon overtake product and price as the main competitive differentiator this year, and so most businesses are doing everything they can to keep up with the latest trends in CX.
So much so, that boosting Customer Experience that can result in better satisfaction for the customers is now the top priority of more than 55% of brands across the globe.

Therefore as CX is expected to be deeply entrenched with the culture of most businesses, to build a competitive advantage, 2020 is poised to be the most exciting year for Customer Experience, as stellar digital CX can even prescribe a premium of up to 25% for brands on their offerings.

Hence as businesses are trying hard to redefine their customer stories in 2020 here are some of the key upcoming trends that will stimulate CX this year which includes three important transitions that brands need to take care of to beat their competition in 2020 and in the days to come:

1. Selling Services Over Products

Instead of simply selling their offerings, this year businesses will perceive a general shift to selling service around their offerings.

Now, even though apparently the nuanced difference between selling service and selling offerings does not seem clear since businesses might think- after all, are products not created to serve the customers?

But then again products, in general, are designed to be a one-size-fits-all solution, rather than being made well enough to fit every individual’s needs, which means products are usually built to benefit a wider array of audiences.

This is the reason in the present times to supplement this issue consumers are turning away from consumerism, which means, for example, that consumers will not part with their perfectly functioning old mobile phones, just because a newer version of the phone is available in the market.

Therefore in the present marketplace just coming up with new ways to sell customers updated versions of the old products is no longer a solid revenue-earning business model anymore.

Hence in 2020 as businesses are realizing that they have to remodel their business practices by keeping their customers at the heart of the new developments, brands instead of simply developing new products to sell them should rather gear up the product strategies and refocus on how it can actually help their customers.

This is because modern consumers are moving further away nowadays from the idea of owning something and turning them into services.
For example, instead of owning a car, younger consumers are instead paying monthly fees to find access to a shared car, which is turning the product into a service or retailers are shifting their focus to deliver better services instead of simply focusing on products where there are several instances of creating concept stores which provide personalized services, that are furthering community work and more.

2. Surveying Customer Feedback

As one of the popular and easy to use CRM for small and medium businesses and startups, we have found businesses have since long relied upon gathering customer feedbacks for measuring the satisfaction levels of their CX.

Now, even though as one of the most cherished vendors of Salesforce Alternative CRM tools we can assure that customer surveys will still continue to remain as a valuable tool, it needs to be supplemented by capturing unsolicited feedbacks in 2020.

In fact, this year businesses believe customer feedback is where the real treasure chest of information lies, as customers are siloed within various operational layers in any organization, and so using data collected from all departments within an organization is invaluable which also include gathering complementary customer insights or unsolicited feedbacks from untargeted consumers.

Now the problem lies with solicited communications is that generally, customers who have had an extremely positive or negative experience are the ones that voice their thoughts by completing surveys.

Hence in 2020 business leaders are paying more attention to collecting real-time feedbacks during interactions with their consumers to find more informed customer experience and thereafter initiate changes for business growth.

3. Balancing Out Automation And Human-Touch

Most businesses today use AI (Artificial Intelligence) to bridge the widening gaps in customer service.
For example, knowledge bases in easy to use CRM software solutions are integrated into Chatbots which are deployed through different channels of communication for the customers which free up a considerable amount of time for customer care reps and focus instead on more essential tasks.

In fact, Garner predicts that more than 85% of customer-facing interactions will not include a human agent by the end of 2020.

Nevertheless, even in this age of smart CX, human customer experience agents are still a must.

This is because consumers in 2020 still find it difficult to place absolute trust on Chatbots as 37% of consumers yet find dissatisfaction with their service and instead assume that they can request for the help of a human representative.

Now if you are wondering what you should automate in customer service and what you should not, the answer lies in finding a balance between the two to create an ideal customer service experience, as detailed below:

Aspects to Automate

Welcome Emails
Customer Registration
Basic customer support responses

Aspects not to Automate

Personal customer greetings
Human interactions to onboard customers
Escalated service interactions

What Is Next For 2020?

As each of these trends which has been described above addresses evolving business behaviors and marketing trends of today, hence irrespective of whether you are innovating your offerings, recording customer feedbacks, or implementing smart business growth technology solutions to automate business practices, the end goal is to ensure that the quality of CX is at the heart of the developments, as in Financial Times it has been quoted long ago by its editor Lionel Barber:

“The long-term health of free enterprise capitalism will depend on delivering profit with purpose. Companies will come to understand that this combination serves their self-interest as well as their customers and employees.”

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