Lead Gen Tips and How to Reach Them Out In This Post-GDPR Era

Lead Gen Tips and How to Reach Them Out In This Post-GDPR Era

Ever since the enactment of GDPR in 25th May 2018, the ways sales professionals used to prospect and reach out to their prospective customers has changed drastically.

This is because now you just cannot send out bulk promotional emails using marketing automation in your easy to use CRM software or fire unsolicited emails to unknown contacts just because you have their addresses in your email list.

It is, therefore, true, that this new regulation on data protection and privacy has made prospecting as a marketing activity and reaching out to prospects and customers stricter than ever before.

Well, then does GDPR is an enemy for your marketing and sales teams?

No, it is not.

This is because; if you take a closer look into the GDPR norms you will see that GDPR also provides your marketing and sales teams with an opportunity to build up a trustworthy and transparent relationship with their contacts, which if approached strategically, can help you to achieve exponential business growth.


Now, with GDPR in action, you just cannot simply use pre-checked opt-in forms or purchase an email list to build your lead database in your easy to use CRM software.

As in the present times, you must use transparent lead generation practices.

This means you must always keep your leads conscious of what are the personal information that you are storing about them and how you plan to use it thereafter.

Moreover, there should always be a way to show the leads, regardless of the sources they came from, have consented to receive that particular communication from your company.

Therefore, let us take a close look as to how you can tweak your existing and traditional lead generation practices to make them comply with the present GDPR norms:

Create landing page Web-forms

A landing page is mostly your marketing team’s primary lead generation tool. Since web-forms allow you to garner a lead’s personal information in exchange for a download of an eBook, or an entry into a competition and more.

Now, to comply with the GDPR norms the web-form must allow your leads to grant separate permissions for different types of processes.

For example, your web-form can have two different opt-in boxes, the first opt-in box for permitting acceptance of the terms and conditions, while the other one for asking permission to communicate with the lead.

Note: These opt-in boxes should never be pre-checked.


If your marketing is using LinkedIn as one of their main prospecting tools- then here is good news for your team.

GDPR norms do not restrict you from searching and collecting leads in social media websites like LinkedIn.

This is because since LinkedIn is a public social media website, it acts as a data controller and thereby makes sure of the GDPR compliances by letting their members know their data will be used once they register on the LinkedIn website.

However, once you export the leads list from LinkedIn to any easy to use CRM or an Excel sheet, then you become the secondary data controller instead of LinkedIn of those leads and so the onus of compliance fall on you thereafter.
Therefore, in such a case, you once more need to seek the leads’ consent to contact and process their information unless you are using LinkedIn’s “Sales Navigator” to save the information of the leads.

Leads from vendors/partners

Lastly, if you have bought your leads from a partner or vendor organization, then you have to make sure in this post-GDPR era that they have found consent from those leads to share their data with your company.

This consent must be- specific, explicit, and well-documented in form.

For example, your partner or vendor could use an opt-in box that states:

“I would like to receive promotional offers from (your company name).”

It is only then your partner/vendor can transfer leads to your marketing teams for leads that have check this opt-in box.

Now, if you have collected leads in any of the above-stated methods you can remain assured knowing that you did not violate the GDPR laws.

Moreover, these prospecting methods not only provide you with lawful grounds to process any leads personal information, but it also allows your marketing and sales teams to fill their pipelines with leads that are really interested in your offerings.


Managing the consent of your leads efficiently is the key to reaching out to them without breaking the GDPR law.
Therefore, you must create a process in your organization that helps to provide the leads an easy way to provide their consents and also revoke them at their will. 
Additionally if at any point of time one lead wants to erase their personal information, you must comply with their request by deleting their data from your CRM database .


GDPR norms do not stop you from sending promotional emails. Therefore you can still send automated promotional emails using your easy to use CRM software for those who have provided consent to receive such emails.

Now, if any lead in your email list has not provided you with such consent, you can still do so through ‘one-on-one’ emails, which can establish legitimate interest for that contact in your email list.
However, in this case, there is an overriding rule- The rights of the individual.
Therefore, if you choose to make use of legitimate interest as the basis for reaching out and processing data, then your organization must have a process in place which justifies that act.


GDPR does not bar you from making calls to the leads to check if they are interested in your products and services.
However, even before you do so, always make sure that the lead has provided explicit consent to do so or has not registered his or her number on a no-call list.

InMails and LinkedIn messages

GDPR laws do not restrict your marketing and sales teams to reach out and connect with prospects and important decision-makers of an organization through social media platforms like LinkedIn.

However, to do this you need to personalize your messages and make them relevant to find the lead’s attention so that once you begin the communication; you can send a consent request to the lead for allowing you to send nurturing and marketing emails to the lead.


Therefore, while GDPR laws may sound intimidating on the surface, in reality, it helps you to build customer trust through accountability and transparency in the long haul.

Finally, since GDPR compels you to qualify leads and build relationships even before selling your offerings. Hence in this post-GDPR era, it is obvious that your leads will be warmer and more ready to buy from your brand which makes GDPR good news for business establishments and their marketers nowadays.

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