The Kitchen Sink Material: A Review of Tips for Choosing the Right

kitchen sink material


Choosing the material for the kitchen sink - is not easy to do. It seems that the low-cost stainless steel sink is good, but you need to think about how quickly it is scratched and how fast it is with stains deposition. White porcelain shells are precious, the same can be said of enamel-coated cast iron, but the amount of work will be worth to keep them clean. Integrated quartz sinks are very popular nowadays, but it is expensive. The choice is difficult only.

Stainless steel sinks are durable and resistant to the effects of temperature, which are sold in different shapes, sizes, types, and styles. If you opt for the car wash, they are not shiny and matte, as long as scratches and stains are not noticeable. It is also best to choose a sink with sound absorption function as the rattle utensils in the iron bowl. Price policy is different, it all depends on the type, the quality of steel, but it is possible to pick up a cheap and a good cleaning.


One of the best choices for the kitchen - the washing granite compound. It not only looks beautiful but also more durable and resistant to scratches and blemishes. Granite composite - a material available mainly in colors such as dark gray, brown and black, which is good, because the earth will be less visible, and do not need to wash frequently and bottom of the sink. It is a durable material, but there are times when the cleaning trolley can be damaged. Before buying and carefully installing all the need to explore. 
Cost: 300-600 dollars.


This washing is made of clay, which is treated at a high temperature. They are resistant to scratches, stains. Caring for these deposits is not difficult - detergent and sponge. If you want to install the sink is white, then it is best to leave the choice in this. 
Price: 400-1000 USD


Sink with enamel coating - no primary option. They can be purchased in different color combinations, although you should avoid strange colors and causing them as a sink is not installed for a short time, and when you change the decoration can be a problem. It is also worth remembering that it is quite a heavy sink, countertop and therefore safe for them should be built with durable materials. 
Cost: $ 300-900


If you want something, supernatural unusual then install a copper sink. Not only it looks glamorous, but is resistant to damage and has antimicrobial properties. The choice of high-quality copper is necessary, at least 99% pure copper, zinc may be an impurity for durability. Do not use cleaning chemicals, and it is better to use a pure soap. 
Price: 500 - $ 1,200, it all depends on the person. 


If plans accommodate the top of the natural stone, for example, soapstone, it pays to think about how to install and proper cleaning. Some stones are engaged into staining, but it is possible to take samples of materials and test them. Steatite is stain resistant but is soft on the stone structure. So we must be careful with it. 
Cost: Depends on the stone


If you are installing a quartz countertop and sink it is better to do quartz, but you must remember that on the quartz surface dark tones long sensitive scratches, unlike quartz light.


As with natural stone or quartz, solid synthetic materials are ideal for the manufacture of flat and smooth modern countertops. Besides, they are easy to care for. Although it is possible, it is the best to test the material that is intended to install the sink, the tendency to stains, scratches, etc. 
Cost: Solid plastic price tops from $ 50 -$200.Do not forget the production and installation of integrated sinks.

However, before opting some material for the kitchen sink, it is imperative to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the main varieties, to determine the amount and form of sink bowls, and then you can go ahead for the next step.

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